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  • Indie Margot

    16 20.00%
  • Magnolia Jane

    32 40.00%
  • Ramona Jane (nn Romy)

    27 33.75%
  • Odette Katrine

    5 6.25%
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    Post Vote for our top NEW 4... A new suggestions has changed our list!

    As per a new suggestion our list has changed slightly!

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    My vote goes to Indie Margot, but would have gone to Romana Jane NN Romy had that been a choice : )
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    I also voted for Indie. I think it's such an adorable nickname name, that's feels wearable and admirable with its exotic flair. Margot grounds the sass with a touch of sweet.

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    Love them all, but personally I'd tweak just a little! (As is my vote went to Ramona, nn Romy)

    Indira Margot, nn Indy
    Magnolia Jane, nn Nola
    Rosemary Jane, nn Romy
    Romilly Jane, nn Romy
    Odette Katrina, nn Etta
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    My vote went to Ramona Jane, definitely my favourite out of your list! Ramona is such a cool, spunky name and always reminds me of a character from books I read when I was younger who definitely shared those personality traits! I love Indie as a nickname but personally would use India or Indira (even Indiana?) as a first name. India Margot would have for sure gotten my vote if it had been a choice!
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