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Thread: Georgia ?

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    How about Georgia Shea Miller? Pronounced Shay.

    I like word names so I LOVE the suggestion of Georgia Skye.

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    I like Georgia Leigh. My mums name is Lee-Anne, she goes by Lee. I prefer the Leigh spelling.

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    Charlotte and Georgia go well together, classic but modern. It has a Southern feel- Charlotte is a city in North Carolina and Georgia a Southern state- but outside the USA I doubt many people would pick up on it.

    I think some two-syllable names sound fine with Georgia Miller. Now that I've written it out, the problem is more that they're both words, and sounds a bit like a miller from Georgia (not that there are many millers around these days).

    Charlotte Isobel and:

    Georgia Elizabeth (Elizabeth and Isobel are variants of the same name, which could be a nice connection)
    Georgia Louise
    Georgia Madeline
    Georgia Sophie
    Georgia Verity
    Georgia Beatrix
    Georgia Katharine
    Georgia Cecily
    Georgia Penelope
    Georgia Agnes

    Sorry for any repeats!
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    I love Georgia: lush and utterly gorgeous. I've never met a mean Georgia either: they've all been lovely people, so I think of it as a 'kind name.' I was nearly a Charlotte, Isabel and a Georgia, but I ended up a Sophie (not that I have ever been called Sophie, only Nooshi.). How about:

    Georgia Catherine
    Georgia Elizabeth
    Georgia Marion
    Georgia Adelie
    Georgia Avalon
    Georgia Clementine
    Georgia Pearl
    Georgia Bianca
    Georgia Diana
    Georgia Fern
    Georgia Snow
    Georgia Eliza
    Georgia Max
    Georgia Maeve
    Georgia Eve
    Georgia Lou
    Georgia Eleni / Elena
    Georgia Rosemary
    Georgia Francesca
    Georgia Flannery
    Georgia Niamh / Neve
    Georgia Faye
    Georgia Matilda
    Georgia Louisa
    Georgia Violet
    Georgia Vivian / Vivien / Vivienne
    Georgia Amelia
    Georgia Cordelia
    Georgia Lucienne
    Georgia Imogen
    Camellia Edie, Mercy Annabelle, Elowen Lilac, Vesper Daisy, Shalom Alice, Bellamy Evangeline, Ivalo Honour.

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