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    Question Name Help and Opinions

    Hi! So I have a few character's that I love, but I want some opinions on their names. I love the names, and I love the characters, but I don't know if they match. If you have a better name for them, please feel free to post them! (:
    NOTE: One character is from a fantasy world, the other from the present day.

    The first character is Cadoc Evander Kieran. Cadoc is a 25 year old elven smart alec. He had a rough background with negligent parents and an unhealthy home. He had run away many times, wanting a better life, but each time he had been caught and beaten. When he turned 18, he finally was able to get away through his gained knowledge of plants that would knock someone out for a while. He does have magic, but he does not want to use it unless absolutely necessary. He is good with a bow and a short sword, but lacks in hand to hand combat. He is, however, obsessed with learning, and will stop at nothing to learn more.

    The second character is Benedict Xavier Raywood. Benedict is a shy, but very smart young man of about 19 years old. Out of boredom, he has learned computer programming and loves to read. His father has gone missing and is presumed dead. Benedict does not believe this, and it his life goal to find his father, or at least find the truth to his death. Benedict can be a bit rude, and can have a bit of a temper, and has trust issues.

    Lastly, I need an idea for a name. Cadoc has one companion, a large feline like creature, about the size of a tiger. No, he is not a pet, as he comes and goes as he pleases. His age is unknown, as he is listed in legends across a millennia. A name I was thinking of would mean Traveler, or Wanderer, but I have no idea. This cat's temporary name is Zeno, but I dunno if it matches him.

    EDIT: If it helps at all, Zeno is a large saber-toothed cat, being about the size of a tiger, with ram's horns and sharp green and gold eyes. He is completely black, save for the few, almost metallic, silver stripes running down his spine and tail. He is mysterious and mainly enjoys solitude, with the exception of Cadoc.

    Thought it would help you think of other names of you had a better description of him.

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    Cadoc Evander Kieran and Benedict Xavier Raywood are great names and to me they fit your characters very well. For the cat:

    Bard ("wandering bards")
    Peregrine (means traveler, wanderer)
    Wande (German for wander, I think)
    Arvad (exile, voyager)
    Cain (you might not like the Biblical connection)
    Oisin (OH-sheen; name of Irish wandering bard)

    Hope this helps and good luck!
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    I think your names fit your characters I also like the sound of your backgrounds interesting story or stories
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