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    WDYT of Madeline?

    I'm considering adding Madeline to my list, does it sound nice with Charlotte? What middle names can you suggest? (I like classics) And which spelling do you prefer, Madeline or Madeleine? (I dislike Madelyn, Madilyn, and anything like it)

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    I like it. I have a friend called Madeline (used to go just by Madeline until she was like 15 and then went by Maddi) and I do think it goes lovely with Charlotte. However, I prefer Madeleine a lot more as I just think it's beautiful and Madeline looks 'meh'.

    Madeline Elisabeth
    Madeline Claire
    Madeline Isabel (my friend is called Madeline Isobelle)
    Madeline Olivia
    Madeline Rose
    Madeline Amelia
    Madeline Grace

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    Love it! Beautiful and on my list as well! I have also been contemplating spelling and adore the french elegance (and personal connection) of Madeleine but she may have to explain her name is MadeLINE not MadeLEEN (unless of course that is what you are going for). But i like the romantic and flowy "Madeline" just as much (sorry, i am not helping )

    Madel(e)ine Elisabeth *on my list
    Madel(e)ine Persephone
    Madel(e)ine Iris *also on my list
    Madel(e)ine Araminta
    Madel(e)ine Clare

    I also think Madel(e)ine and Charlotte are a match made in heaven! They are very cute together!
    No babies anytime soon... Just planning ahead (VERY far ahead)

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    Beautiful classic that is perfect with Charlotte!

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    Like boyandgirl said, exactly.

    Some middle names
    Delaney <I know it's not a classic but Madeline Delaney just sounds so cute in my head>

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