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    Isslianna: Though On This Name

    Hello Nameberry Community,

    This is my very first post, and as long time name fanatic I've always wondered about this name. Is this "made up" or an actual name in existence and if it is do you know the history behind it. Also I would like your opinion, is it usable and what comes to mind when you hear it? Note, I'd personally use it as a girl name but do you think it sounds masculine or unisex as well.

    Isslianna: Hiss without the H/ Lee/Anna

    Thanks a lot!
    p.s Sorry for the spelling error in the title (Thoughts On This Name)

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    Isslianna appears profoundly confused to me, like it's having an identity crisis. "Sometimes I feel like Julianna, other times I feel more like Isla. On the worst days it's Lissa. I don't even known who I am!"

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    Ditto @larkub101. I can see its appeal, but it does seem a bit confused and awkward to me, especially the spelling. It would probably be easier if it was spelt Isliana / Islianna. No, I don't think it is a 'real name', though I could be wrong, and it sounds positively feminine.

    If you don't mind me asking, where did you first hear the name?
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    I would never use this name, it is not my style, but if I had to, I would spell it Isliana and pronounce it I-lee-ah-nah.
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    Issi is the nickname of Isabel Durant who plays Grace on the TV show Dance Academy, and I've always liked the name Lianna so I started to fiddle with the names and came across Issliana.

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