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    I need a cloth diapers education!

    First of all, I know there are threads about this out there but I couldn't find them, so apologies for repeating a topic.

    I have been toying with the idea of cloth diapers for a while (no kids, but ttc and in the second half of my tww). I did a quick google search and was totally overwhelmed by the volume of results. There are soooo many options and companies out there and I have no clue what to look for. I live in the northeast US, anyone out there have recommendations for companies or services in that general location?

    Also, I mentioned it once to my husband a while back and he said absolutely not. He doesn't want "poop running down our kids legs just to save a few bucks". I however am all about saving money and I firmly believe that the "traditional" way isn't always the best way. Just because everyone and their mother (that I know) uses disposable diapers doesn't mean I have to!

    Is the quality of cloth diapers sufficient these days? How do you dispose of them in general? Is the cost really that much cheaper? Also, how on earth do I talk my husband into it? Any thoughts, comments and suggestions greatly appreciated!

    Thanks berries
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    I haven't cloth diapered (yet!), but I do plan on it when our little guy gets here in a few months. Like you, I was totally overwhelmed when I first started researching it. However, you can assure your husband that as long as you have a diaper with a good fit, your baby isn't going to have poop running down his/her leg!

    I found this mom's vlog series REALLY helpful when I was thoroughly confused about everything cloth diaper:

    Good luck!
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    Here are a few of the older threads on this topic:!

    This is also a good series I found online in my own research (for when I have my own babies):

    For my part, I don't have children yet, so I haven't tried cloth diapers, but a lot of my friends do it and don't find it any harder than disposables. Many people think cloth hold in the poop as well or better than disposables, so no need to worry about the whole "poop running down the leg" thing. In fact, that can happen with disposables too if you have a brand that doesn't work for you or is the wrong fit.

    Good luck!
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    Is the quality sufficient?
    Yes, and better than disposables at holding in blowouts. I will say that cloth at night did not work for us, but most disoposables did not either. Our son is just a very heavy wetter. So we just use an overnight disposable at night.

    How do you dispose of them?
    Spray off solids using a diaper sprayer which attaches to the toilet
    OR do what my friend Erin does and scrape it off with a poop spatula
    If you have an older toilet, you may be able to dunk and flush, but this won't work with the new low flow toilets.
    Pail in the bathroom with a wet bag liner (made of PUL). If you are out, you can get a zippered wet bag to go in your diaper bag.
    Cold rinse, then a hot wash, then gentle cycle on the dryer or line dry
    I do a diaper load every other day.

    Does it really save money?
    This will depend on how much you spend on diapers and the cost of utilities in your area. And how much you spend on the cloth diapers, and how much you would have spent on disposables- there is a big difference in the cost of say, seventh generation vs Walmart brand.
    But potentially a lot. There are any number of articles online showing how much you can save. We estimate that it probably saves us about $40/month (we do cloth wipes as well)

    How do you convince your husband?
    Sorry, no idea! Mine was totally into it BC everyone said it would make potty training earlier and easier, though that hasnt been true for us at least.

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    I use cloth, and my daughter has never had a poo blowout in her cloth diapers. She has in her disposables.

    We bought sun baby pocket diapers. The pros is they are high quality diapers for cheap, con is they take a while to ship. They are very, very easy to use. Personally I would go for aplix (Velcro) next time instead of snaps, as my daughter is extremely wiggly and impatient, but I've heard others say older babies can remove them.

    When I cloth diaper my second (hopefully exclusively, after I decided to do cloth at home and
    Disposables for outings with my DD, everyone said I'd give up on it but I loved it), I'd like to primarily use prefolds and snappis with covers. Originally it seemed like more work, but I think it's actually less work, cheaper, less laundry, etc.

    As far as your husband, perhaps tell him you'd like to give cloth a shot but if it doesn't work, you're open to switching back. Maybe companies offer a full refund if you don't like the diapers, so try that. I think $40/month in savings is what we get, and we only cloth about 1/3 of the time! Aside from being economical, cloth is much better for the environment, and far healthier for babies bottoms!
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