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Thread: Baby Girl #3

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    Question Baby Girl #3

    We are having a third sweet baby girl this fall and I think I found a name I'm in love with, but I'm nervous about what others may think. Some of the other forums on the web have some very positive feedback on it, and then some, not so much.

    The name is Saylor. I fell in love with it when I found it when googling Baby Girl #2's name. A beautiful Saylor Ruby came up, with newborn photos, and I had already decided my second would be Ruby but I never got Saylor out of my head. My oldest DD is Adelaide Claire and my second is Ruby Cate. My husband likes Saylor but is still deciding. I have tried to find other names that I like and would actually use, and the only other one I came up with is Mirabel, nn, Mira. After running that through my head a few weeks, it just does not have the appeal to me that Saylor has. I haven't come up with a lot definitive middle name yet but my ideas are:

    Saylor Victoria
    Saylor Lucy
    Saylor Rose (sounds so pretty but I don't love filler middle names)
    Saylor Drew
    Saylor Mae
    Saylor Mirabel
    Saylor Alana
    Saylor Vivian
    Saylor Coraline

    Any thoughts??

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    I don't really think that Saylor fits with Adelaide and Ruby-- it's very trendy and not vintage like your other names. What about moving it to the mn position? Similar names that I think would fit better with your sibset: Sadie, Sylvia, Esther, Lorraine, Eleanor, Lenore, Helena, Dorothy, Gloria, Aurora, Corrine, Cordelia, Georgia, Muriel, Moira, Maeve, Vivian, Roxanne.

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    I was a little worried about that too, but honestly, while the names you listed and other similar vintage names are pretty, only a few fit my taste, and I find them too predictable. I do think Adelaide is very much an older name, but Ruby also has a trendy feel to me, and sounds cute with Saylor. And Adelaide goes by Addie. ???

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    Saylor is beautiful, don't be discouraged! I know Rose may seem like a filler, but with the right name, it's gorgeous! Saylor Rose is pretty but if you want the same vintage feel, I'd use the equally beautiful:

    Rosalie Saylor


    Rosemary Saylor

    But still, use Saylor Rose if you want! However, if you use one of the above, you have Addie, Ruby, and Rosie. Adorable!

    Good luck with baby girl number three! She'll be beautiful!
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    Sailor is really cute. It fits with Adelaide and Ruby nicely. I prefer this spelling though.

    Sailor Mae would be my choice. good luck (:

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