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Thread: Name question

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    Name question

    We are thinking of naming our little one Evelyn (undecided on a middle name), Evie (eh-vee) as a nickname.

    My only hesitation is my husband's ex wife is named Amy and her middle name is Lynn. She doesn't go by Amy Lynn, just Amy. Do you guys think this is too similar a name? I don't want her to think we played off of her name to get our daughter's name because we didn't. Am I just being a weirdo and hormonal? 😁

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    Evelyn and Amy aren't similar at all... if her FIRST name was Lynn I could see your hesitation but it would still be silly not to use the name you love. Just because her mn is Lynn doesn't mean any name containing Lynn is out, it's such a common middle name. Use it!
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    I would never have made the connection. I agree with the pp that they are not similar at all.
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    Not too similar at all!

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    They only similarity between Amy and Evelyn is that they have a 'y' in them. There's absolutely no connection between the two. Lynn is a big filler name, so I wouldn't even give it a second thought.
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