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    20 years in the life of you

    Roll the dice to find out your fate. Choose if you want to have a baby or a life event then roll to see what you get for each year up to 20!

    If you choose to have a baby:
    1. Single boy
    2. Single girl
    3. Twins b/g
    4. Twin boys
    5. Twin girls
    6. Multiples roll again to see how many. Roll a third time even girls odd boys.

    If you choose a life event.

    1 and then 1: you and DH buy a house. Where at and what does it look like.
    1 and then a 2: you and DH get a dog what bread and what's his name.
    1 and then 3: DH gets a new job where do you move and what does he do.
    1 and then 4: you decide to go back to school what is it for and where do you go.
    1 and then 5: You or DH decides to join the military what branch
    1 and then 6: make up your own life event.

    2 and then 1: trouble in paradise you and DH separate. For how long do you get back together? What brings you back together.
    2 and then 2: you take family vacation. Where
    2 and then 3: a dear friend passes away in a car crash leaving you to care for her young child. Roll for gender odd is girl even is boy. How old are they?
    2 and then 4: Create own life event.
    2 and then 5: a relative passes leaving you $100,000 what do you do with it.
    2 and then 6: you or DH has an affair. How does it affect your family.

    3 and then 1: you and DH get a divorce. Why?
    3 and then 2: you join the peace corps for a year where do you go and what do you do
    3 and then 3: you adopt a cat what breed and what's it's name.
    3 and then 4: you and DH move. Where?
    3 and then 5: career change what do you become
    3 and then 6: you or DH graduate from college with what degree.

    4 and then 1: you get remarried. What's the love story nehind this.
    4 and then 2: you open up a shop of some sort. What do you sell what is it's name.
    4 and then 3: uh oh DH or you is in trouble with the law what did he/ you do and what is the punishment.
    4 and then 4: you meet a young girl who is only 14 and pregnant and you take her in. How did you meet what is her baby when she has it.
    4 and then 5: create own life event.
    4 and then 5: you get a key to the city what did you do to earn it.
    4 and then 6: you take a year off to study abroad what do you study and where?

    5 and then 1: create own life event.
    5 and the a 2: a natural disaster reeks havoc on your home. What is it and what do you do afterwords.
    5 and then 3: bad investing you and DH have to declare bankruptcy. What do you do afterwards.
    5 and then 4: you become a YouTube sensation. What did you do and how do you handle the fame?
    5 and then 5: blast from your past an old flame comes back in your life. How do you handle this.
    5 and then 6: you are picked for a makeover show what do they do for you?

    6 and then 1: while traveling you and DH fall in love with a child from a local orphanage where is it is it a boy or a girl how old is it?
    6 and then a 2: you suffer a miscarriage.
    6 and then a 3: create life event.
    6 and then 4: you get a tattoo. What is it and where is it.
    6 and then 5: you decide to take a second honeymoon. When you get home you find out you are pregnant. Roll for how many babies. Roll again 1&3 for boys 2&4 for girls 5&6 for a mix of both.
    6 and then 6: you inherit an old family home do restore it or sell it? What does it look like.

    You and your family no matter how big or small live happily ever after.

    List your family and ages below.

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    Rebecca Leanne (2o)and Andrew Joseph Arlington(24)

    Year 1: Rebecca's best friend dawn passes away leaving her three year old daughter Ainsley with Rebecca and Andrew.
    Year 2: Rebecca writes a best selling novel and goes on a book tour.
    Year 3: the family adopts a collie they name Mitzy
    Year 4:Rebecca meets a young girl named Piper at church who is 14 and pregnant. The family takes her in and she has a baby girl she names Maeve Amelia.
    Year 5: Andrew gets a new job as a mechanical engineer the family moves to Hilton head South Carolina.
    Year 6: Rebecca graduates from college with her bachelors in fine arts degree.
    Year 7:the family adopts a tabby cat named Rocco.
    Year 8: Rebecca gives birth to the couple first children together a set of twins. Booker Hayes and Avalon Prairie.
    Year 9: trouble in paradise Rebecca and Andrew decide to separate they've been fighting so much lately.
    Year 10: Rebecca opens up a books shop with her sister Rachel. They call it hooked on books.
    Year 11: Rebecca has an affair with an old flame named Johnny. and decide that you and Andrew are not meant to be.
    Year 12: Rebecca and Johnny have twin girls. Shiloh Maelie and Wylie Pearl
    Year 13: Rebecca and Johnny get married surrounded by family and friends.
    Year 14: Rebecca and Johnny have another set of twins a boy and a girl. Travers Murphy and Larkin Astoria.
    Year 15: Rebecca tries for one more baby and ends up with quads. Four girls named Everly Joanna, Ellie Victoria, Bonnie Raine, Esther Lilac.
    Year 16: Rebecca and Johnny join the peace corps they travel to Africa to help out in the schools.
    Year 17: Rebecca is picked for a make over show. She gets a great new style and dies her brown hair black.
    Year 18: Rebecca finds out she is pregnant right after the makeover show. They have another little girl they name Ridley acacia.
    Year 19: Johnny gets a new job as chief surgeon. The family moves from South Carolina to Boston.
    Year 20: for her 40th birthday Rebecca gets a tattoo of all her children's names.

    Rebecca and Andrew: Ainsley (23 adopted) piper (taken in by the couple when she was 14. 30) Maeve (16 pipers daughter) Booker and Avalon (12)

    Rebecca and Johnny: Shiloh and Wylie (8) travers and Larkin (6) Everly Ellie Bonnie and Esther. (5) Ridley (2)

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    DH (47): Wesley Arthur Riddle
    DW (45): Maria Joan Riddle (nee Edwards)
    DD (17): Eleanor Jane Riddle
    DS (14): Desmond George Riddle
    DD (11): Vivienne Charlotte Riddle
    DAS (4): Albert Anthony Hawk-Riddle

    Year One: Maria's ex-boyfriend Jake moves in down the street. Originally nervous, Maria and Wesley feel more comfortable when Jake tells them he's married and expecting a baby.
    Year Two: Wesley gets a new job as fire captain. Maria and Wesley have to move to the other side of town away from Jake, a relief for the couple.
    Year Three: Maria gives birth to a baby girl!
    Year Four: Wesley's widowed and childless aunt passes away. Being her only nephew, she leaves Wesley $100,000. Wesley and Maria buy a new family-friendly van and put the rest of the money in savings.
    Year Five: A year later the couple realizes that Wesley's aunt also left them an old family home. It's in the rich part of town but is a bit farther away from Wesley's job. However, since Eleanor hasn't started school they decide to move and sell their smaller home.
    Year Six: Maria gives birth to a baby boy!
    Year Seven: Wesley decides to join the military. He resigns from his firefighter duties and is hired as an Air Force sergeant in the transport and rescue squadron in Trenton, Ontario. The family relocates to a new house in Trenton. Maria gets a job as a librarian and Eleanor begins kindergarten.
    Year Eight: Wesley gets a tattoo on his forearm. It's a vine, with each leaf containing the birthday of either Maria, Eleanor, or Desmond.
    Year Nine: Maria gives birth to a baby girl!
    Year Ten: The Riddle family adopts a Portuguese water dog named Sundance.
    Year Eleven: A thunderstorm causes a small tree to fall on the Riddle house. The family stays at a friend's house and Wesley stays at the Air Force base for two weeks.
    Year Twelve: Wesley is promoted to Warrant Officer at the Air Force base.
    Year Thirteen: Maria leaves her job as a librarian and works as a primary school teacher.
    Year Fourteen: The family adopts another Portuguese water dog named Roger.
    Year Fifteen: Maria suffers a miscarriage.
    Year Sixteen: The family goes on vacation to Scotland.
    Year Seventeen: Wesley updates his tattoo with Vivienne's birthday.
    Year Eighteen: Maria spends 6 months studying in England to become a better teacher.
    Year Nineteen: Wesley decides to leave the military so he can be with the family more. He rejoins a fire station as station chief.
    Year Twenty: One of Maria's dear friends passes away in a car crash leaving Maria and Wesley to care for her young child.
    Names I love right now:
    Thomas - Wesley - Desmond - Jack - Albert - Spencer - Harry
    Annabel - Vivienne - Matilda - Sophie - Sybil - Maria - Jane

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    Zoe Jessica Arnold (20) and Ryan Kingsley Arnold (21)

    Year 1: Get a tattoo of a dreamcatcher on your forearm.

    Year 2: Take in a pregnant 14 year old girl.
    Girl: Mia Marie Caputo
    Baby: Avalyn Zoe Caputo

    Year 3: Me and DH divorce. My name changes to Zoe Jessica Lee. I take custody of Mia and Avalyn. I then remarry to a man named Daxton Charles Watts.

    Year 4: Have a boy child.
    DS: Trenton Daniel Watts

    Year 5: I get a small Yorkie dog, named Sharpay.

    Year 6: Have sextuplets!
    DS: James Grey Watts
    DS: Luca Thatcher Watts
    DS: Devin Bridger Watts
    DS: Quinn Demarcus Watts
    DS: Ross Channing Watts
    DS: Tory Brendan Watts

    Year 7: Have B/G Twins!
    DS: Raylan Nicholas Watts
    DD: Lilyana Charley Watts

    Year 8: Career change! Become a graphic designer.

    Year 9: Have twin boys!
    DS: Kasen Xavier Watts
    DS: Nash Edward Watts

    Year 10: Have twin boys!
    DS: Theo Augustus Watts
    DS: Brody Soren Watts

    Year 11: Have B/G Twins!
    DS: Keagan Alden Watts
    DD: Kynlee Reyna Watts

    Year 12: Have B/G Twins!
    DS: Braeden Terrell Watts
    DD: Kassandra Arely Watts

    Year 13: Old flame comes back into my life. He is made a family friend and babysits the children a lot.

    Year 14: Have Twin Boys!
    DS: Flynn Bronson Watts
    DS: Lennox Michael Watts

    Year 15: Adopt a Maine Coon cat named Zachariah.

    Year 16: You become a YouTube sensation for your huge family!

    Year 17: Adopt another cat. It's a tabby cat named Lydia.

    Year 18: Have a single girl!
    DD: Emilee Winter Watts

    Year 19: Have twin girls!
    DD: Makenna Adelynn Watts
    DD: Macy Madison Watts

    Year 20: Have twin boys!
    DS: Remington Aiden Watts
    DS: Ellington Archer Watts

    My Family:
    DH: Daxton Charles Watts (44)
    DW: Zoe Jessica Watts (40)
    Mia Caputo (daughter taken in) (35)
    Avalyn Caputo (granddaughter taken in) (18)
    Trent Watts (17)
    Jamie Watts (15)
    Luca Watts (15)
    Devin Watts (15)
    Quinn Watts (15)
    Ross Watts (15)
    Tory Watts (15)
    Ray Watts (14)
    Lily Watts (14)
    Kasen Watts (12)
    Nash Watts (12)
    Theo Watts (11)
    Brody Watts (11)
    Keagan Watts (10)
    Kynlee Watts (10)
    Braeden Watts (9)
    Kassi Watts (9)
    Flynn Watts (7)
    Lennox Watts (7)
    Emilee Watts (3)
    Kenna Watts (2)
    Macy Watts (2)
    Remy Watts (1)
    Ling Watts (1)

    18 biological boys, 6 biological girls, plus 2 adopted girls.
    rita margaret || hazel presley || stella jude || lane michelle || coralie mary || november marie

    john charles || ezra joseph || sawyer patrick || ryder frederick || peyton wyatt

    names i like: veda, gunnar, elizabeth, vance, september, tate, arabella

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    DW: Emona Maeve Sheeran
    DH: Edward Christopher Sheeran *Ed*

    Year 1: An uncle of my husband passes leaving us $100,000 with which we travel around the world.
    Year 2: I give birth to Ellis Abraham Sheeran
    Year 3: My best friend from the childhood Willow passes away in a car crash. I start taking care to her two-year-old son Carter Samuel Sheeran.
    Year 4: An old flame comes back in my life. We become best friends.
    Year 5: you meet a young girl who is only 14 and pregnant and you take her in. How did you meet what is her baby when she has it. - I meet a young pregnant teen and decide to take her in. Her name is Lila Sadie Carrington and later she gives birth to a boy called Emmett Lucas Carrington.
    Year 6: I give birth to girls sextuplets - Amara Genevieve Sheeran, Eliana Penelope Sheeran, Faye Nora Sheeran, Cosette Dakota Sheeran, Xenia Jemima Sheeran & Lucie Josephina Sheeran.
    Year 7: We adopt a male British Shorthair and name him Axl.
    Year 8: I get a tattoo on my wrist. It says "Do Or Die" and it's one of my favourite quotes.
    Year 9: Two more children are added to the family, boy and girl twins - Zachary Asher Sheeran & Adeline Heather Sheeran.
    Year 10: I join the peace corps for a year. I go to a small village in Asian Russia to teach the children there English.
    Year 11: I get another tattoo. This time it is on the behind of my neck and it's a peace and love symbol.
    Year 12: I give birth to Elowen Felicity Sheeran.
    Year 13: I get remarried to Ed. It's because we've heard that a marriage won't last after the 13th year, so we marry again.
    Year 14: I open up a bakery shop called "Emona's Muffins".
    Year 15: I give birth to twin girls - Moira Siobhan Sheeran & Maya Gabrielle Sheeran
    Year 16: We go on a second honeymoon to India. I return home unexpectedly pregnant and 9 months later I give birth to Dahlia Rue Sheeran.
    Year 17: I and Ed buy a house in the suburbs:
    Year 18: We buy another house, this time cottage:
    Year 19: I get a tattoo of lion on my shoulder.
    Year 20: My oldest son Ellis gets married to Dallas Oliver Stevenson and the whole family attends the wedding in Paris, France.

    Emona & Ed
    Ellis (18)
    Carter (20)
    Lila (39) and her son Emmett (15)
    Amara, Eliana, Faye, Cosette, Xenia, Lucie (14)
    Zachary & Adeline (11)
    Elowen (8)
    Moira & Maya (5)
    Dahlia (4)

    16 kids

    Ida Winifred ☼ Freya Altalune ☼ Una Severine
    Zinnia Raven ☼ Yara Sunflower ☼ Saskia Rue ☼ Leda Garland ☼ Gaia Esme ☼ Junia Eden ☼ Helene Tulia
    Roman Makhi ☼ Dorian Everett ☼ Holden Ezra
    Sven Ruben ☼ Lars Jarek ☼ Iker Dante ☼ Luca Mattias ☼ Bastian Arrow ☼ Aslan Jens ☼Julian Saturn ☼ Yannick Florian

    On my mind: Lina ☼ Eva ☼ Lucia ☼ Indigo ☼ Venice ☼ Verona

    Whole list:

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