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    Your name is Emma Jean Huxley and you're a 22-year-old college graduate just starting your job as a kindergarten teacher. You've been married to 28-year-old nurse Edward Joseph Huxley for six months and the two of you live in a two-bedroom apartment in New York City.

    1. You & Edward decide to take a trip to Australia for your 23rd birthday. While visiting a local orphanage to do some volunteer work, you fall in love with a little boy named Leo Nolan Watkins. He's 3 years old, and such a cutie. You can't help but ask Edward what he thinks about adopting him. After two weeks, you file all the necessary papers and you're able to bring Leo home for Christmas. The two of you change his name to "Leo Nolan Huxley."

    2. You decide to go back to school at the age of 24 to earn your Masters Degree in education. It's a bit difficult to juggle a marriage, a full-time job, Leo & school, but you're doing your best at keeping the balance.

    3. You complete your Masters Degree in May, and to celebrate, you, Edward & Leo head to Paris, France for a vacation. While there, you decide to do some volunteer work and end up working in an orphanage again. While there, you meet a gorgeous 2-year-old girl with thick, brown curls and sweet up-turned eyelashes. You & Edward decide you want to adopt Chloe Marcheline Legrand, and are able to bring her home in November. You change her name to "Chloe Marcheline Huxley." At this point, you're 25, Edward's 31, Leo is 5 & Chloe's 2.

    4. Edward gets in trouble with the law for accidentally not paying all of the necessary taxes required by the hospital. After a 3-month-long trial, he's punished with a hefty fine and serves two weeks in jail. When he gets out, he pays the fine and the taxes, and the two of you move on with your lives.

    5. Edward's hospital offers him an opportunity to join the military as an army nurse. He's positioned in Syria, and leaves for a 9-month-tour. You're left home alone with Leo & Chloe, but it's worth the struggle to see Edward accomplish something big.

    6. While in Syria, Edward gets caught up in a tragic gunfight that ends his life. You & the children are horribly upset by the turn of events, but you seek solace in the arms of a colleague, 29-year-old Christian Peter Locke, who sweeps you off your feet. The two of you begin dating in April, and are engaged by June. On Christmas day, you marry Christian and become "Mrs. Emma Huxley Locke." You're 28, Leo is 8 & Chloe is 5. You change the children's names to "Leo Nolan Huxley-Locke" & "Chloe Marcheline Huxley-Locke" once Christian legally adopts them. The four of you move into a 4-bedroom home on the outskirts of the city.

    7. Christian loses his job as a teacher, and the sudden hit in income forces him to find a quick fix. He decides to join the army, even if it is against your wishes. He promises he'll be careful and come home by the New Year. You anxiously await his arrival and hope that nothing bad happens to him while he's gone.

    8. Christian comes back home in January, and you're so relieved to see him on your doorstep. Leo & Chloe are also very excited to see their dad come home. In May, you decide to leave your job teaching to pursue a different career: baking. Christian fills your teaching position and you start your own business out of your kitchen, which allows you to spend more time with Leo & Chloe as they start to grow up.

    9. At the age of 31, you find out that you're expecting boy/girl twins. This is your first pregnancy, and you couldn't be happier to be having children with Christian after seeing what a wonderful father he is to Leo & Chloe. In October, you give birth to Oliver Mordecai Locke & Penelope Elspeth Locke, two perfect little angels. Christian is 32, Leo is 11 & Chloe is 8.

    10. Your college has a 10 year graduation reunion, which you attend alone, since Christian is feeling a bit sick. You see your ex-boyfriend, Henry George Glenn, a very famous and renowned plastic surgeon. He flirts with you all night long, but you keep shutting him down. Nothing is worth losing your husband.

    11. You & Christian celebrate your 5th wedding anniversary by buying a Golden Retriever. Leo & Chloe pick out the dog and name him Rex, and they love playing with him outside.

    12. You & Christian decide to take a second honeymoon, this time to London, England. You take Leo, Chloe, Oliver & Penelope with you to enjoy the scenery. When you come back two weeks later, you find out you're expecting again. And, once again, it's boy/girl twins. In December, you give birth to Elias Jonah Locke & Elona Mariah Locke. You're 34, Christian's 35, Leo's 14, Chloe's 11, and Oliver & Penelope are 3.

    13. You turn 35, and for your birthday, the family surprises you with a brand new car. You're so happy to have a car that finally fits all the kids, and can't believe how wonderful and thoughtful your family is.

    14. After years of baking, you decide that you'd rather go back to teaching. You find a job at a city school, and start working with third-graders. It's a nice change that brings in a bigger income and helps to support your growing family.

    15. You find out that Christian is having an affair with one of the other teachers at his school. You are absolutely devastated by the news and immediately throw him out of the house, filing for divorce a few days later. He begs you to forgive him, but you refuse. The divorce goes through in December and you change your name to "Emma Jean Huxley." All of the children are also legally "Huxley" after the divorce.

    16. You and the children move to a 5-bedroom home in Albany, New York, where you get a job teaching at a suburban school. Leo leaves for college in California, so you're starting to realize how fast your children really are growing up. Your life is just starting to calm down when you get a phone call from a close friend's family member. Emily Rose Hendrix, the girl you grew up with, died in a fatal car accident. She left her only child, 9-year-old Nora Maeve Hendrix, to you. Nora comes to Albany soon thereafter, and you welcome her into your family, changing her name to "Nora Maeve Huxley." You're 38, Leo is 18, Chloe is 15, Oliver & Penelope are 7 & Elias & Elona are 4.

    17. Edward's father passes away and leaves you and the children $100,000. You use the money to pay off $50,000 of the home mortgage, and put $50,000 in the children's college fund. The extra money really helps you to get on your feet.

    18. You decide to join the Peace Corps for a year, but ask to be stationed nearby. After leaving your teaching position, you do volunteer work around the Albany area and are able to experience some fantastic sights.

    19. At the age of 41, you go back to school to earn your Doctorate. You've found a job teaching at a high school and you're making significant money, while Chloe goes off to college in Colorado. You're now living with your 5 children while two are away.

    20. You leave your job as a high school teacher and find a job working at a private school teaching 8th graders. Leo graduates college with a degree in Law, and he moves back home to help you out as much as he can. 20 years fly by in a snap.

    Emma Jean Huxley [formerly Locke] (42) & Edward Joseph Huxley (Deceased 14 Years)

    1. Leo Nolan Huxley [formerly Watkins, then Huxley-Locke] (22, Adopted)
    2. Chloe Marcheline Huxley [formerly Legrand, then Huxley-Locke] (19, Adopted)

    Emma Jean Huxley [formerly Locke] (42) & Christian Peter Locke (43)

    1. Oliver Mordecai Huxley [formerly Locke] (11, Twin)
    2. Penelope Elspeth Huxley [formerly Locke] (11, Twin)
    3. Elias Jonah Huxley [formerly Locke] (8, Twin)
    4. Elona Mariah Huxley [formerly Locke] (8, Twin)

    Emma Jean Huxley [formerly Locke] (42)

    1. Nora Maeve Huxley [formerly Hendrix] (13)
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    New Hampshire
    Year 1: DH gets a new job where do you move and what does he do. We move to Boston so DH can work at the House of Blues.
    Year 2: you or DH graduate from college with what degree. I graduate with my degree in Hospitality
    Year 3: create life event. We buy a house in southern NH.
    Year 4: you decide to take a second honeymoon. When you get home you find out you are pregnant. Roll for how many babies. Roll again 1&3 for boys 2&4 for girls 5&6 for a mix of both. Alexander Owen & Patrick Thomas.
    Year 5: you take family vacation. Where. Chicago.
    Year 6: Victoria Claire
    Year 7: Jeremy Arlo, Conor Simon, Nolan Jack, Samuel Mark, & Evan Daniel
    Year 8: make up your own life event. I leave my job to be a SAHM
    Year 9: you get a tattoo. What is it and where is it. A space scene on my ribs
    Year 10: you become a YouTube sensation. What did you do and how do you handle the fame? I raised quints.
    Year 11: a natural disaster reeks havoc on your home. What is it and what do you do afterwords. A hurricane floods the basement, so we get it repaired.
    Year 12: you adopt a cat what breed and what's it's name. Bubbles
    Year 13: you adopt a cat what breed and what's it's name. Ivy
    Year 14: create life event. We take the kids to Disney World
    Year 15: a relative passes leaving you $100,000 what do you do with it. Invest in kid’s futures.
    Year 16: you get a tattoo. What is it and where is it. Zodiac signs, ribs
    Year 17: you suffer a miscarriage.
    Year 18: you and DH buy a house. Where at and what does it look like. In the next neighborhood
    Year 19: make up your own life event. The quints get scholarships for school
    Year 20: you get a key to the city what did you do to earn it. Raised quints

    Alex (16), Patrick (16), Victoria (14), Jeremy (13), Conor (13), Nolan (13), Sam (13), Evan (13)

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    KC => SC
    DH: Vincent Marcel
    DW: Stacy Mae

    Year 1: We have b/g twins! DS/DD: Carter James and Adalyn Faith
    Year 2: I go back to school to get a PhD!
    Year 3: We inherit a family home and decide to refurnish it.
    Year 4: We have another set of b/g twins! DS/DD: Orion Matthew and Lila Romilly
    Year 5: A hurricane destroys our home! We remake the place
    Year 6: We have our third set of twins- both girls! DD/DD: Maeve Tallulah and Sadie Caroline
    Year 7: Vincent gets a new job in Ireland!
    Year 8: Our family adopts a border collie named Olaf into our home!
    Year 9: We have a little boy! DS: Nolan Christopher
    Year 10: We adopt a little girl from France! DAD: Simone Isabelle
    Year 11: We adopt a cat... then I remember I'm allergic to cats so we give him back!
    Year 12: We have a little girl! DD: Leonor Calypso
    Year 13: A dear relative dies leaving our family with $100,000. We put it towards college funds
    Year 14: After a vacation, we find our that we're expecting quintuplets! DD/DS/DD/DD/DS: Violet Rosalie, Torin Hunter, Adair Elowen, Leda Mackenzie, and Archer Murray
    Year 15: We adopt another dog, this time a terrier named Sven
    Year 16: We become unexpectedly pregnant with a girl! DD: Isabetta Soleil
    Year 17: We meet a 14 year old girl who has fallen pregnant. DAD: Hazel Elizabeth, DGD: Britton Grace
    Year 18: We have our last planned child, a little girl. DD: Elsie Adeline
    Year 19: We adopt another dog! A little yorkie named Duke
    Year 20: I get a tattoo! It's a ladybug on my wrist. There is one spot for each child

    DH: Vincent Marcel (45)
    DW: Stacy Mae (44)
    DS: Carter James (20)
    DD: Adalyn Faith (20)
    DAD: Hazel Elizabeth (17)
    ---DGD: Britton Grace (3)
    DS: Orion Matthew (16)
    DD: Lila Romilly (16)
    DD: Maeve Tallulah (14)
    DD: Sadie Caroline (14)
    DAD: Simone Isabelle (14)
    DS: Nolan Christopher (11)
    DD: Leonor Calypso (8)
    DD: Violet Rosalie (6)
    DS: Torin Hunter (6)
    DD: Adair Elowen (6)
    DD: Leda Mackenzie (6)
    DS: Archer Murray (6)
    DD: Isabetta Soleil (4)
    DD: Elsie Adeline (2)

    Vincent and Stacy with Carter, Adalyn, Hazel and Britton, Orion, Lila, Maeve, Sadie, Simone, Nolan, Leonor, Violet, Torin, Adair, Leda, Archer, Isabetta, and Elsie
    Abby | 18 | Dancer | Writer
    My loves...
    Sabrina Auli’i, Maeve Liliana, & Iris Michaela
    Cassian Micah, Torin Elliot, & Leo Matthias

    Theme of the week: Names I can’t use
    Arden Elysia, Eliora Jane, Coraline Hazel, & Ezra Caspian


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    Meredith Emma Elliot (22) & Alexander William Elliot (26)

    Year 1: Mer & Alex adopt a cream british shorthair cat - Riverie
    Year 2: Mer & Alex buy a big house by a lake in Pennsylvania.
    Year 3: While traveling to Brazil Mer & Alex fall in love with a 1 year old boy from a local orphanage. They go through adoption and name him: Gabriel Victor Elliot
    Year 4: Mer & Alex get a rhodesian ridgeback puppy. They name him Noble
    Year 5: Mer & Alex meet a young girl, Adelaide Mary Sloan who is only 14 and pregnant and they take her in. She's the sister of Alex's former neigbour. Her mother had died two years before, and she hasn't seen her brother for almpost 6 years. She's been in the foster care system since her mother's death. She decides to keep the baby a. She has a healthy baby boy and decides to honour Alex when it comes to naming him. His name is Liam Alexander Sloan.
    Year 6: Alex takes a year off to continue his studies in Europe. He's a surgeon and travels to France to do an internship. Meredith and Gabe come to visit every month.
    Year 7: Alex decides to join the military as a doctor.
    Year 8: Mer graduates from college with a doctoral degree in law.
    Year 9: Mer & Alex inherit an old family home in Orange County. They restore it and make it a vacation house
    Year 10: Mer & Alex welcome a baby boy. Lucas Oliver Elliot
    Year 11: Meredith goes back to school and recieves a Master's degree in economics.
    Year 12: Mer gets a job in the Senate.
    Year 13: Mer becomes a YouTube sensation after launching a social project. She travels a lot and holds speeches in schools and universities.
    Year 14: Blast from the past, Jacob Sebastian Rufus, an old flame comes back in Mer's life. She's happy to meet him, they have dinner a few times but nothing else.
    Year 15: Mer & Alex welcome a baby girl. Charlotte Grace Elliot
    Year 16: Meredith gets a key to the city for her social projects and hard work on behalf of the city and state.
    Year 17: Mer & Alex welcome twin baby girls. Clementine Maeve Elliot & Caroline Matilda Elliot
    Year 18: Mer, Alex & their children take a family vacation to Europe, South Africa & Australia.
    Year 19: Mer & Alex welcome g/b/g triplets: Elinor Hope Elliot, Nathaniel Felix Elliot & Katherine Anna Elliot.
    Year 20: Mer gets a tattoo on her back. It's a family tree with her husbands' and children's initials.

    Mer, Alex & their kids: Gabe, Luke, Lottie, Clemie, Carrie, Ellie, Nate, Katie + Addie & Liam + Revi the cat and Noble Dog.
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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    Ella and Daniel Carter
    Year One: Bad investing, you and DH have to declare bankruptcy. You move into your parents' vacation lake cabin until you can find a more permanent home. It's three bedroom, two bathroom in a small lakeside community.

    Year Two: You give birth to twin boys, which means you're already at a full house because you don't want the boys to have to share a room. Kayson Joel and Brooks Johnson.

    Year Three: You get a career change, helping investors with their finances. It's a better paycheck, so you leave the lakehouse and move to a bigger house in a bigger city. 6 bedroom, 3 bathrooms on the outskirts of town.

    Year Four: You inherit a large old family estate, which you restore and return to it's former glory. You sell your house and move into the estate, which you've restored so that it's now a ten bedroom 5.5 bathroom home.

    Year Five: You give birth to another set of boy/boy twins. Leo James and Ashton Henrik.

    Year Six: You give birth to one boy, Frederick Christian.

    Year Seven: A dear friend passes away in a car crash leaving you to care for her young son, Henry Maxwell Jameson, age 6.

    Year Eight: You decide to take a second honeymoon. When you get home you find out you are pregnant with triplets, two girls, one boy. Mason Perry, Blair Penelope, and Freya Ingrid.

    Year Nine: You and DH adopt a Siberian Husky puppy you name Salya.

    Year Ten: You suffer a miscarriage, and named your lost angel Lilly Heaven.

    Year Eleven: DH graduates from the local university with a bachelor degree in business.

    Year Twelve: You and a friend open a boutique clothing store locally named Lilly.

    Year Thirteen: You give birth to twin girls, Sofia May and Elise Aurelia.

    Year Fourteen: A natural disaster wreaks havoc on your first family home, the lake house. You and DH pitch in some money to help fix the damages.

    Year Fifteen: While you and DH are travelling in Greece, you fall in love with a local little girl from the orphanage, and agree to take her home. Thisbe Aria is 2 years old when you arrive back to the US with her.

    Year Sixteen: DH decides to join a local sector of the Navy, in a three-year contract. He gets to still live at home and you still see him every day, so it's not so hard.

    Year Seventeen: Blast from the past, an old flame comes back into your life. You try to avoid him as much as possible, but then agree to get rid of the awkwardness and agree to be friends. You're both married and carry on with your lives.

    Year Eighteen: DH dies in a navy accident, leaving behind you and your children. Four months after his tragic death, you meet a very successful lawyer, and seven months later you're remarried to Calvin Joshua Sven.

    Year Nineteen: You give birth to twin girls, Ana Rae and Olivia Kell.

    Year Twenty: Your son Kayson, age 19, gets engaged to his girlfriend Isla Claire Halton.

    Ella and Daniel Carter w/
    Kayson (19), Brooks (19), Leo (16), Ashton (16), Frederick (15), Henry (20), Mason (13), Blair (13), Freya (13), Sofia (8), Elise (8), Thisbe (8), and Salya the Siberian Husky.

    Ella and Calvin Sven w/
    Ana (1), and Olivia (1)

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