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    Almost there! Daphne or Delphine?

    All right, it seems like Laurel is out now. Daphne is still a strong contender, but now we've come across Delphine and are hesitating between the two. I like Delphine's French flair, I think it would suit at any age, but I wonder if it may be too close to the word dolphin. As for Daphne, it's such a fun, bubbly name, I love it, but there's just something about that "phn" sound that makes me hesitate... What are your thoughts? Big sister is Amelia. Thanks for your help!

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    I love Delphine and the nn Delphi or Della. How is it close to dolphin? It's 'del-FEEN'. If you were going with Dauphine then I'd understand the dolphin concern.
    I have a friend named Daphne and there are pronunciation issues. She gets 'daffy' and 'dan-fee' a lot. She's always been a serious person (now she's a doctor) and has always felt that her name wasn't serious enough. Personally, I think the name feels ditzy. It seems better suited for a more eccentric personality

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    LOVE Delphine. It is unique among uncommon French names in that it is a total no brainer to pronounce and spell. I do think Daphne goes a little better with Amelia though, so whichever you choose will be fantastic.
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    I prefer Delphine. It's uncommon but nice.

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    Sorry I prefer Daphne. Clunky cool. Delphine sounds like some Greek goddess or something try hard like that.

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