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    Opinions on Jocelyn?

    Jocelyn has been on my 'maybe' list for years now!

    What do you all think of Jocelyn? Can you help me decide if she should be promoted to a 'yes' or demoted to a 'no'?
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    I like it. I love the NN Joss.

    It has been popular for years but I think I have only met one?? I say it stays.

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    It's ok. Not exactly my style, but nice.

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    I knew two Jocelyn's growing up. One was my very best friend who ended up completely betraying me. It ruined the name for awhile. I'm just now starting to enjoy it again. I think if I were to meet a cute little girl with it, I'd really like it again.
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    I think it's really pretty. It gives me a wee bit of 90's vibe since I know a few in that generation, but it's definitely still fresh. I agree that Joss is a fab nickname. I vote she stays.
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