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    Honest Opinions On Gaspard/Gaspar

    I've been tossing around Gaspard/Gaspar for a a while. I do love it especially with my top boys*, but I worry about possible teasing with the words gas or gassy. I don't like Caspar or Jasper.

    *Alaric Matthew, Henry Marcellus, Sebastian Rhys, Lucian Malachi and Roland Theodore
    Thoughts in this thread?

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    I love Gaspard! Gaspar is okay, but I prefer the French form. I also like Caspar/Kaspar/Kasper, though. It was one of my best friend's favorite names, so I think of it fondly in my memories of her. I have it as a middle on my list (Samuel Gaspard John), but I think it'd be intriguing up front. I think something like Henry Gaspard would be amazing! Were you thinking FN or MN?

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    Gaspard is lovely as a first name or a middle name! I prefer it as a first name, but if you're worried about teasing, try using it as a middle name. I don't think teasing will be too much of a problem, though (hopefully!).
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    Gaspard/Gaspar is nms. Though I'd choose Gaspard over Gaspar - it looks less gassy to me.

    I'd say it could make a very interesting mn. I don't know if as a fn it bugs me because of the Gas- beginning or just because it's nms but I would be intrigued with it as a mn none the less. Hope that helps in some shape or form.
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    I love Gaspar/d. I'm impartial about the spelling but if you're concerned about 'gas', Gazpar is an accepted variant. I pronounce it 'gah-SPAR' so it sounds more like 'gus' than 'gas'. I like the nn Pirate (Jose Gaspar was a legendary pirate here in Florida).

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