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    Question Nickname for Alexandra??

    I like the nickname Alex for Alexandra, but only on an older kid-adult not on a little girl. What do you think of the nickname Alexy? not Uh-lex-y, but Alex-ee like Galaxy

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    I think alexy is very odd. What about allie or alexa. I don't like xandra very much but its better than alexy

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    I guess Alexy works, it isn't much different than Lexi. My cousin (who is about 12) is named Alexandra and she goes by Alex or Lexi or her full name.
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    I prefer it pronounced A-Lexie but although I wouldn't use it, Alexy is fine. If Lexie can be a nickname why not Alexy? Alternative unusual nicknames:
    Allia (Ally-a)

    The only Alexandra I know goes exclusively by Ally but I also know a few girls who are simply called Lexie
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    You could call an Alexandra Alexy, I suppose.

    For Alexandras, I love Alicky (more of a Alice nickname, but still), Alix, Allie and Sacha/Sasha.

    I know two Alexandras, one goes by Alexa and the other is nicknamed Alix.
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