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Thread: Meredith?

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    Hey there,
    Sorry, we are still waffling on names for our lil girl coming in 6 weeks. I've been batting around so many names that they are seriously all starting to just blur together. I even dreamed last night about going through Nameberry lists, so clearly I am obsessing by day and night! Ugh...

    I like so many names in lots of different styles but haven't found the one! Our first daughter is Brynn and our last name is Moorehead. We lean toward unisex names but feel like this girl needs something a bit more feminine, though still strong.

    We did a poll earlier, and from it our top contenders were: Lucinda (we would call her Luci) and Scarlett (might call her Scout). Both of those names are fine but neither of us feels they are perfect. We may just keep them in mind and see what we think when we meet her, but in the meantime, what are some others??

    What do you think of Meredith?!

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    ok, so either y'all are understandably sick of my indecision, or you just don't like the name Meredith?! bump

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    Meredith is a serious & intelligent name choice, but it lacks something in the way of flair and beauty. Still, it covers the most important bases for a girl's name that will serve her well as an adult.

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    Though I agree with you, rkrd, about it being serious and intelligent and well-suited for an adult, I think it can be "cutesied up" with the nickname Merry! Or Red.

    In order of my personal preference, this is my favorites list sound-wise with your LN:

    Scarlett Moorehead
    Meredith Moorehead
    Lucinda Moorehead
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    I for one love the name Meredith (it's mine!) and I'm 32. I may be biased but I think it sounds elegant and intelligent. I am struggling on a girl name right now for our TBD baby due in Dec. and I want something not too trendy and something that won't be another Emma or Lily in 6 years, not an easy task but it is fun!

    We are liking Waverly at the moment but that could change next week, which is what I'm afraid of.

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