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    Least favorite girl names?

    What names do you dislike the most? For me, I dislike unisex names on girls. Names like Madison, Taylor, Jordan, Hayden, Ryan, and Riley (one of my favorite boy names) just seem so masculine to me. I especially hate it when people try to feminize a name (Madisyn, Taylar, Jordynne, Rhianne, Rylie). I don't really like "mack-" names (Mackenzie, Mckayla, McKinley, Mckenna) and my absolute least favorite:


    And any other spellings of it (Neveah, Navaya, Nevaia). Heaven backwards would mean hell, right? And misspelling it totally defeats the purpose.

    Sorry for the rant, and no offense if anyone has these names! Really! Everyone has a least favorite, and these just happen to be my least favorite

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    I can't stand the Mack/Mak names, and I absolutely can't stand the lee's/leigh's/ly's/ley's. (Hayley, Kaylee) I hate new spellings. Alaina instead of Elena. My absolute least favorite name is one I saw on the comment list of a blog post. It was...


    I mean, Lexi is pretty if not a little out there, but Lexxi? Is it just me or does that sound really stripperish? I don't mean to offend anyone if they like these names.

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    hhhmmmmm, I definitely have names I dislike, but I have found over the years I have come to like something I previously didn't. As a young girl I hated Vivian. Shame on young me!
    I am too no fan of the surname on a girl - yes you Mackenzie! I am reading a book with twins in named Kezia and Kinley - yeeeuch! But as a child one of my favourite names was Kezia nn Kizzy. Kezia is still nice - but matched with Kinley...nope.
    Some names just don't seem as if they could ever sound feminine, attractive or, well, nice. Bertha for example. Yet I love Martha which is not so dissimilar. The only names that really make me cringe I think are the Mack names (yet to hear them IRL here in the UK) and Kinley, Brinley and friends.
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    I don't like Charlotte or Sophia because of their popularity. I know, I know, "but they're such pretty names, it shouldn't matter how many people have them". I guess I just don't like the names in general too. (Which is weird, because I like Sophie). I also find a special pocket of quiet hatred in my heart for:

    1) kre8tivihTee
    2) extreme boys names on girls and vice versa (I like unisex names, like for example Sage, Brynn, Hadley. Just not when girls are called Ryan, Tristan, etc. ick.)
    3) both the Lee/Leigh/Lei trend and the Lyn/Lynn trend (Kaylee, Carleigh, Marlyn Kaylynn)

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