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    Hey everyone I'm new to this site bc my boyfriend and I have confirmed we will be having our first child mid November!! We're already throwing names around although we haven't learned the gender yet. I was hoping to get some feedback on the names we like. Sorry in advance for being so wordy, I'm not comfortable posting a pic on the internet but I also feel like names fit different physical appearances so it matters a little.

    A description of my bf: he's 6'2" and plays rugby with the body type to match- muscular and dense, he has vivid blue eyes, chocolate brown hair, and tan skin that can get pretty dark (his mother is puerto rican and has the stunning blue eyes as well). His face has a classic greek-statue side profile with something reminiscent of Elvis in it, maybe his nose and lips.

    As for me, I'm 5'7", thin -not voluptuous at all sadly haha, white but I can also get very tan, hair varies throughout the year from dark brown to almost blonde, green eyes- kind of slanted like a cat in the inner corners (both my mom and grandmother have eyes shaped like that i think its our most prominent feature) dark eyebrows and eyelashes and I can't think what else.

    So if that gives you any idea what our kid is going to look like what do you think of these names and do you have any suggestions/pairings? I suppose my style is a glamorization of the 1920's if that makes sense. But what I really look for in a name is a certain air of mystery, nostalgia, and a tad of whimsy. And thank you so much for reading all this if you've made it here! (We plan on having more so sibling suggestions are more than welcome )

    First Names possibilities:James, Benjamin, Madsen, Julian, Sawyer...suggestions?

    MN possibilities kind of all over the place: Nicolas, Magnus, Owen, Sawyer, Memphis, Lincoln, Mars, Ridley, Lars, Griffin, Storm, Evander, Sparrow, Rune, West, Everett, Cyrus...suggestions?

    Current mutual favorites:

    Benjamin Ridley
    Madsen James
    Madsen Mars
    James Magnus
    Julian Magnus

    For the most part we would be happy using these as first or middle names, however Violet stands out as a first name favorite for my boyfriend and me. Violet, Isla, Katherine (Kate), Cosima, River/s, Olive, Willa/ow, Delphine, Ophelia. Lily, Imogen, Lyra, Seraphine, Arabella, Era, Winter, Lavender, Zara Lux/z... suggestions?

    Current mutual favorite:

    Violet Cosima
    Violet Seraphine
    Violet Imogen

    Lily Seraphine
    Lily Ophelia

    Katherine Isla (Kate)

    Any reviews of the names above; new first name, middle name, or name combination suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well! -Alex

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    The only name on your boys list I don't like is Madsen. Benjamin Ridley is my favorite of your current boys combos. I like a James and Magnus but not together. Sawyer Magnus would be a pretty cool name.

    Violet is a great name and my favorite combo is Violet of yours is Violet Seraphine. I do like Katherine Isla. your really couldn't go wrong with Lily either.
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    I really like the name Julian, not
    so much paired with Magnus tho. The pair together makes me think of a car model or something... Sorry :-/
    I also like Benjamin Ridley. I think Ridley is a fantastic middle name!
    I think Madsen is ok, but I think it would get confused with Madison a lot.
    As for the girl names, I love the name Katherine. It's so beautiful, strong and classic. Kate is a total gem in the world of names and I think it will always be a crowd pleaser.
    I used to loveee the name Violet and it was on my list as well. Until my husband opened his mouth and said it sounds like "violent". Now that's all I think of when I hear the name. If that doesn't bother you then I think Violet would also be a great choice
    Seraphine is another beautiful name from your list. It sounds great in the middle spot with Violet and Lily.

    Best of luck!
    Lucky mom to beautiful baby girl
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