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    Stumped for our sixth child!

    We're expecting our sixth child in a few months, and while we're waiting for a delivery surprise, we're stuck on trying to find names that compliment our five other children. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    My name is Audrina Claire. My husband is Solomon Alexander. Our last name starts with a Y.

    Our children are Callum Owen; Aletta Isobel; Leopold Elijah; Arabella Audrey; and Alice Olivia.

    As you can see, we tend to stick with A names for our girls and all of their middle names start with a vowel. Family names aren't an issue. All of the children have my maiden name as a third middle name (it stars with an A, too!).

    Help! Thank you in advance!

    EDIT: All of the suggestions make my heart go a flutter!

    We think we've come to a decision on a potential girl's name - Avallon Emmanuella.

    And we've been playing around with some names for boys, but please, keep the suggestions coming!

    What do y'all think of Sawyer Isaac, Sullivan Ellsworth, Saxton Othello, and Sutton Alasdair?
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    Aurelia Emma
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    Ada Emily

    Rufus Oliver
    Ezra Adam
    Archibald Oscar
    Theodore Isaiah

    just playing around, may not help at all!
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    Adelaide Elizabeth is one of my favourite names and it seems to fit your naming trend.

    I'm not really sure about boy names sorry.
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