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    Brother for Leo and Silas

    Hi Nameberries

    I'm expecting my 3rd and just found out it's a boy. My sons names are Leo Sebastian and Silas James. I'm feeling lost on boys names - most of the names that were on my list before just aren't grabbing my attention this time. I would love to find a name that has the same feel as my other two boys - adventurous, outdoorsy and not too common. Other names that were on the list include, Lewis, Felix, Lucien, Ezekiel. I like Noah, Samuel and Lucas but feel that they're too common. My last name starts with an E and has an 's' sound in the middle so Isaac and Eli start to sound too much like a rhyme.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Perhaps Zenon? It's rare, but it was the name of an early gov. of Louisiana (a very distant cousin of mine). Also, Ezra, Stellan, Judah, Bogart, Cairo, Desmond, or Hoyt.

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    Felix was my first thought even before seeing your list!

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    The Nameberry list seems to have all of your names on there if you pull up Silas Do like any of the ones on there that you haven't used?

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    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Silas was almost Felix - we had to sleep on it and in the end went with Silas. I still like it but sort of feel strange about putting it on my list again. I searched around a bit and found


    with Felix as a maybe. I like Lewis but hubby shook his head.

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