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    How many Masons do you know?

    So my boyfriends favorite name is Mason. I like it, but it seems so darn popular! Popularity isn't a huge issue, but I prefer names that are less well known and have more history. But since it's his favorite, I could make it work.

    The popularity still erks me though. So I was wondering how many of you guys actually know a Mason? Do you know several or a few? Do you hear it a lot? In 10 years, where do you think the name will be on the popularity charts?
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    I know at least 4 under the age of 6. But I do like the name!

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    I know 2 baby Masons under the age of 4. It seems to be a name that is popping up everywhere.
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    I'm in Australia, but I have never met anyone named Mason. I've known ALOT of Jasons- but no one called Mason.
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    I know two Masons who are each around 2 years old. Mason is a top 10 name in the USA and recently experienced a big spike in popularity, so it is definitely tied to a certain generation (2000s-2010s), versus names that are more timeless like William or David. In 10 years I expect that Mason will still be a popular name, although in 30 years it will probably have declined a lot in favor of a new trend. With that said, it is a very solid name. And because it's an occupation name, it doesn't sound made-up. I think it will age well and would be a perfectly respectable choice for a baby name.

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