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    i have only known one who must be about 19 0r 20 now, but I think a million of them are lurking out there.

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    Maybe 3? They're all older though. I think Mason is going to be one of those names that rose quickly and will fall quickly. In other words, it'll be dated in 20 years.

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    Jul 2013
    I know a whopping 0 Mason's! lol. I've actually never heard of anyone with that name in my area. I quite like the name.
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    Hmmm. I'm kinda surprised there's a lot of older Masons around! I only heard the name when I started using nameberry. I think a like Mason a bit more now
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    The only Mason I have ever known is my great uncle. If he were still alive he would be around 90 years old. I have never met any other ones. I live in FL, US.

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