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    I wouldn't do Audrey because it starts with an A just like Amelia, so if you have a third you may feel a slight obligation to give him/her an A name as well.
    And personally I just don't like Daphne - reminds me too much of Scooby-Doo
    Eloise is my favorite, and Evelyn is cute too.
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    Daphne is my favorite. Amelia and Daphne would be adorable together. I also like Audrey.
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    Audrey!!! for sure! even though it is two A's i love Audrey!
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    All of your choices are very pretty. I like Audrey, what aabout Everly?

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    I'd pick Daphne! Lovely, and the least heard. They're all great names, but I guess I'd chose Evelyn as the one I wouldn't pick--just because Ev-names and Ev-nicknames seem quite popular right now.

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