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Thread: Name Rater

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    Quote Originally Posted by psg007 View Post
    These are my top five for each gender. I know they are not to everybody's tastes, but I'm always interested to hear what other people think of them.

    Jethro Tobias
    Lionel Vincent
    Malcolm Arthur "Mal"
    Barnaby Dashiell "Barns"
    Chester George "Chet"

    Fiona Beatrix "Fee"
    Nell Cordelia
    Romy Anneliese
    Tess Vivienne
    Hettie Juliet
    Jethro Tobias: I think the combo flows well, and I like that it's a mix of less common names (8/10)
    Jethro: Not my favourite name, but I don't hate it, and I like that it's not that common (5/10)
    Tobias: I adore Tobias, the nn Toby is so handsome. Do slightly prefer Tobiah or Tobin, but Tobias is very handsome (9/10)

    Lionel Vincent: Neither name is on my list, but I do like that they're the same sort of style. The flow is nice too (6/10)
    Lionel: Not really my thing. I quite like that you could call him Lion as a nn, but I can't imagine a baby named Lionel (4/10)
    Vincent: Handsome, but not my favourite. I'm also not a fan of the nn Vince or Vinny. I do think it has a nice feel to it, it reminds of Charles or Edmund in style, but I can't picture a baby Vincent (4/10)

    Malcolm Arthur: I like the flow of this combo. I think it would need a one or three syllable surname so that it doesn't sound too sing songy. Not a huge fan of the nn Mal (7/10)
    Malcolm: It sounds very dated to me, my friend's dad is named Malcolm and so I can't really picture it on a baby (3/10)
    Arthur: Love, love, love Arthur. I think it's incredibly handsome, although I'm not a fan of the nn Artie (9/10)

    Barnaby Dashiell: I think this is a very handsome combo, I love the flow, and I think it would age really well. Not a fan of the nn Barns though (9/10)
    Barnaby: I adore Barnaby, I think it would be so cute with the nn Barney. (9/10)
    Dashiell: I like Dashiell but I always get hung up on the way to pronounce it. Love the nn Dash though (8/10)

    Chester George: While the flow is okay it's a little hard for me to say, I feel like George Chester might flow a little better. The combination of names is nice though. The nn Chet feels very cowboy to me (5/10)
    Chester: Not a fan. It just reminds me of an old man, and I have a really hard time picturing it on a baby (2/10 sorry)
    George: I like this, but it's tied to the royal baby for me. I do enjoy the sound though, and can picture it on a baby (6/10)

    Fiona Beatrix: This flows really well, I like the combination of names and how well they go together (8/10)
    Fiona: I'm not a huge fan of Fiona, it reminds me of the princess from Shrek, but I do think that it has a sweet sound (6/10)
    Beatrix: I completely adore Beatrix, I love it's spunky feel and it's literary connections. I do slightly prefer Beatrice, but Beatrix has a much more rebellious feel for me personally (9/10)

    Nell Cordelia: I utterly adore this combo, I had it on my list for a while. I love the flow, and I feel like the names go perfectly together (10/10)
    Nell: I am in love with Nell, I can picture it on a baby as well as an adult, and I think that even though it has history as a nickname it can stand on it's own perfectly well (10/10)
    Cordelia: I love the sound of Cordelia, the nn Delia or Lia put me off a little, but I still love the sound of it (9/10)

    Romy Anneliese: I'm not entirely sure that these names go in style, they feel a little off to me. The flow is great though (6/10)
    Romy: I adore Romy as a nickname, but I don't know how I feel about it as a full name, I'm not sure it can stand on it's own (7/10)
    Anneliese: I love this name, I adore the nns Annie and Liesel. I think it sounds trendy in style while not being overly popular (10/10)

    Tess Vivienne: I like the flow of this combo, the shorter first name and longer middle name is something that I think works really well (8/10)
    Tess: I do prefer Tessa over Tess, but I do think it's cute. Not sure that I can see just Tess as a full name, but I don't like any of the longer names for it either (6/10)
    Vivienne: Adore Vivienne, although I actually prefer Vivian over it at the moment. Love the nn Vivi, and I like the sort of French feel it gives off (8/10)

    Hettie Juliet: I feel like the 'et' sounds in Hettie and Juliet clash a little. Heather Juliet with the nn Hettie would be gorgeous (5/10)
    Hettie: I do prefer this as a nn for Heather, but it's cute on it's own as well. Not sure it stands well on it's own though (6/10)
    Juliet: I love the literary connection this name has, and the nns Julie and Etta are so cute (8/10)

    Hope you like my ratings! I don't mean to offend anyone, I'm just being completely honest with my thoughts, so I apologise if I offended you accidentally.
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