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    Need Major Help with my Boy List

    DH and I hardly agree on any boy names. He's stuck on Archer and I like classic/Irish names like Ronan. We're hoping to conceive sometime this year so there is still plenty of time, but I would like to have a few favorites like we do for girls.
    So far the only name we have really agreed on is Donovan. I like it because it has Irish roots, but I'm worried it is too much of a surname? We have a long list of family members that we'd like to honor in the mn spot and I wouldn't be opposed to using some of them as first names, but I'd have to like the combo & get DH to agree. So any suggestions welcome!!

    Donovan, Ronan, Pierce, James, Colin & Archer are the first names still in the running, but none are 100% agreed upon or loved

    Middle Names options that may have to become first names:
    William - honors my dad, but since my brother is William III, I expect him to use this one day, so I'd only use it in the MN spot.
    John - Honors both my DH's father and my grandfather. However there are a TON of John F__ on my husband's side :/
    August - honors DH's grandfather. DH is hesitant to use it without using his other grandfather's "Frank" but both have passed and August is the only one I had met. August is also his sister's MN and my DH is Austin
    Kevin - my uncle/Godfather
    Forde - my mother's maiden name so it would pretty much honor everyone on her side in one shot! Keep in mind our last name starts with an "F" though and I wouldn't pair it with any names that already exist in my family (like Kevin Forde).

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    Donovan has always been equal parts first and last name in mind. I don't see anything wrong with it.

    Donovan Forde
    Donovan James
    Rolan August
    Nolan August
    Nolan John
    Killian Forde (too close to Kevin?)
    Killian James
    Archer William
    August Forde
    Ciaran James
    Ciaran Archer
    Kevin William
    Kevin Archer
    Pierce William
    Glen Donavon
    Glen Archer
    Glen William
    Kevin Glen
    Callum August
    Callum Forde
    Callum Archer
    August Rhys
    Archer Rhys
    Sean August
    Sean Archer
    Sean Kevin
    Sean William

    What if you used August on your shortlist for boys, and used a fen Frank name for a girl's mn?
    Lady Loves
    Cassia, Davina, Eartha, Elula, Gardenia
    Magda, Marin, Merav, Priscilla, Rosalba, Salome, Wisteria

    Manly Hugs

    Adam, Caspian, Edmond, Esai, Ewan
    Gideon, Linden, Otis, Quentin, Reuben, Roscoe, Sampson

    Guilty Pleasures
    Allegra, Cassiopeia, Orleanna
    Naphtali, Oswaldo

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    Here are my suggestions, though I do enjoy the nn Donnie for Donovan, and I love James and Archer!

    Iwan (Ewan)
    Rian (REE-an or Ryan)

    I think the mn John is a classic and if has meaning on both sides then don't let popularity stop you. You could look at using the longer Jonathon, or Jonah, Jonas or Jones

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    I like Donovan, Ronan, Colin and Archer!

    Have you considered-


    deciding between Maxwell . Calvin . Finn

    Beckett | Jude | Nolan | Dalton | Max | Finn | Teague | Bram | Otis | Ari | Calvin
    Jane | Alice | Naomi | Fiona | Georgia | Gwyneth | Thea | Aviva
    Elena 'Laney' | Bridget | Cordelia | Evadne | Shea

    Carly & Zach ::💙 Ezra Wolf Z. 💙:: Born 4-29-16
    Boy #2 due 01-06-18

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    Elza0911 - Thank you for your vote on Donovan! I love both Donovan Forde & Donovan James. I also really like August Forde. I do really like Ciaran/Kieran, but my sister is Kiera so I think it would get a little confusing using it in the fn spot but I like adding it to the list of MN possibilities and honoring her? Not crazy about Rolan, Nolan, Killian (The Kill- part bothers me), Glen, Callum, Rhys or Sean. I definitely want to try and convince DH to put August in the fn spot, or somewhere in the name. His cousin has already told everyone she wants Francesca nn Frankie if she has a girl, otherwise I'd like that idea :/ Thanks for the suggestions!

    3lle - Thank you for the suggestions. I do like Rory, but I think I remember DH saying no...I'll ask again! I would like to use John, but more so in the MN spot. Using a longer version of John is a good idea if I can find one I like..

    seazuno86 - I have considered Declan & Darren, I like D names I guess! but I don't think DH liked them...I'll run them by him again, thanks!!

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