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    Need opinions for our first girl!!! :)

    We are expecting our first baby girl, and we have so many names we like! I would love input from the collective!!!

    Her big brothers' names are Gabriel Alexander and Luke Sebastian.

    Our last name is pronounced "M-dee-ka"

    Here is our list of possibilities.... and some middle name options we have been throwing around.

    Evelyn (Grace/Marie)
    Annemarie (Grace/Claire)
    Josephine (Claire)
    Marin (Josephine?)
    Colette (Marie)
    Annabel (?)
    Catherine (Marie)


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    Those are all so classy!

    I have always thought Josephine and Evelyn are beautiful names, so those are my favorites; but really, I like your whole list. I'd never heard of Marin before, but I think it sounds really nice with the 3-syllable middle name Josephine - good call if you choose that.

    The only thing that stands out to me is that "Annemarie Grace" would be better than "Annemarie Claire" because the second might be too reminiscent of the magazine "Marie Claire."

    Overall, I'll just say it looks like you know what you're doing

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    I LOVE the name Marin. I've had it on my lists since I was 10. I never thought about it as a first, but Marin Josephine sounds so beautiful!

    Annemarie Claire to me sounds like, and, Marie Claire. I prefer Annemarie Grace. Though I'd still prefer Annabel Grace. I like the way that Annemarie sounds, but I think on paper it's too long. It makes me think of when I didn't have enough space in the name sections on tests to put my names, and they are only 3 letters apart.

    You have beautiful names on your list. Your girl is going to be lucky with any of your choices.

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    Haha! You are so right about the "Annemarie Claire" being WAY too close to Marie Claire. Didn't catch it at all until you pointed it out! That helps with now having that combo off the table.

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