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    Need help with middle name!

    My husband and I have decided on Vivienne as the first name for our first baby I am having a really hard time figuring out the middle name. My husband loves the name Sadie, my parents want Elaine ( my grandmother).... 2 of my cousins have Elaine as the middle name. I'm not entirely sure I like either. Any suggestions appreciated!

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    You can use a similar starting name to honor your grandmother. Some of the El- names on my lists that could work for Vivienne: Eloise, Elia, Eliza, Elula, Elm, Elora

    Some other suggestions: Ruth, Pearl, Grace, Hadley, Belle, Alice, Mae

    You wrote what your husband and parents like but what about you?
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    I really like the sound of Vivenne Elaine, but I understand why your not sure about it since two family members already have the name. Maybe you could go with Vivenne Elaina? That way your still honoring her without using the exact same now. Or maybe you could name her after your grandmother's favorite flower or favorite color or something that represents her to still honor her...

    *I'm assuming you meant that your grandmothers name is/was Elaine
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    Vivienne Eilene
    Vivienne Laine
    Vivienne Lorraine
    Vivienne Mercedes ( where Sadie the NN originally came from)
    Vivienne Merlaine

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    Thanks for the response!

    Yes my grandmother is 94 and her name is Elaine, she is still with is
    The other names we have in the family are Annika Elaine and Logan Elaine. Both great names.
    I am really having a hard time with the middle name....I think I want something totally different.
    Thanks for your help.

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