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  • Annabel Ruth

    29 49.15%
  • Annabel Caroline

    5 8.47%
  • Annabel Claire

    25 42.37%
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    Poll: Take 2 - Middle Name for Annabel

    You all had some great feedback for me earlier this week regarding middle names for Annabel. Your thoughts led me to scrap all but one of my possibilities. Can you please give me your thoughts on my newest middle names for Annabel? I'm open to other suggestions as well - not sure why I am struggling so much with this and baby girl will be here any day. Thanks!

    Annabel Ruth
    Annabel Caroline
    Annabel Claire

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    Bump? I'd love some help!

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    Do any of them honour anyone in your family or have special significance to you? I think all three are nice, but the flow is a little bit off.

    Annabel Ruth has the best flow, but Ruth is nms. If it's special to you, I think it's the best.
    Annabel Caroline is lovely, but long, both names being 3 syllables.
    Annabel Claire is my favourite, but the L at the end of Annabel runs into the Cl sound at the beginning of Claire.

    Some others to consider:

    I think my favourite would be Annabel Jane.

    Good luck!

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    How many syllables is your last name? I like Annabel Caroline but if your last name is 3 syllables as well I don't think that will work. Anabelle Claire is nice as well, I personally like sounds repeated in first and middle names.
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    My last name is 2 syllables, no "Ls" in it.

    I agree something sounds a little off with the flow of Claire, but I do like the hard C sound after Annabel. Ruth is a family name, but nms either so I feel very mixed on it. I don't want to give my daughter a clunky name just b/c of family, particularly since her older sister has a very melodic sounding first and middle name (with no family ties). Maybe Rose as an alternative to Ruth?

    I like the suggestions of Maeve, Kate and Faith (although my husband might reject Faith as sounding too religious for him). I like Sage too, but he already nixed that. Other ideas? Thanks so much!

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