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    Less usual classic name to go with a common surname!


    Just entering my third trimester, don't know if its a girl or boy...struggling to come up with names that I like for either!

    DD is Beatrix (Bea) and our surname is very common (e.g. Smith!) so I really don't want something too common.

    Names I have come up with that I think I like include:

    Girl - Dorothea (Thea) and Hermione (Mia),

    Boy - Alfred (Freddie),

    I like names higher up in the alphabet, I like to be able to shorten them, although this is more important for a girls name, and I like quirky...but not made up!

    Hope some of you can help!


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    jaina Guest
    I really like all your favorites, especially Dorothea, which I think would go marvellously with Beatrix.

    What about :
    Lucilia, Esmeralda, Ilona, Agatha, Christine, Azura, Leandra, Adelaide, Alizea, Clementine, Georgina, Nolwenn
    Arthur, Felix, Leonard, Jonas, Rowan, Preston, Quentin, Winston, Niels, Alaric, Everard

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