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Thread: Harriet Cloud?

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    Lightbulb Harriet Cloud?

    Too off the wall? I don't see how it's any worse than River or Sky or the other more popular nature names.

    What do the Nameberries think?!

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    Hm. It's definitely different. I rather like it!

    Also, as strange as it sounds when it comes to the name Cloud I think of the saint before I think of actual clouds. So, yes it's a nature name but it's also a saint's name and that gives it a bit more weight.

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    I don't think the sound of Cloud mirrors the image. It makes me think of clod or Clyde, a very masculine name. Or the verb meaning of cloud, to obscure. If you like the sound of Cloud, what about Claudia, Claudette, Clove, or Clio instead? If you like the ethereal image, there are tons of options. For example I think Harriet Aurora would be nice.

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    I love it- spunky, ethereal, quirky and very stylish, all in one. Beautiful combo.
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    Cute not to off the wall especially in the middle place ..... I find it more boyish thanks to final fantasy and kingdom hearts but with Claudia and so on ya it could work I really like the sound

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