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    WDYT - Whitaker?

    Boy, due this month, siblings Amelia and Audrey. Wondering what you think of Whitaker. Last name is Martin (so yes, two surname sounding could be an issue, but no big deal).

    Our backup name is Alexander, which is nice, but thought we'd try out something a little different.

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    I LOVE Whitaker! It has always been a favorite as mine. Also, I like that it doesn’t continue the “a” trend, which may become harder to maintain if you have more children. Whitaker is very handsome. And if you are worried about the “surname” overload (which I don’t feel) you could give him a very solidly first name-like middle.

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    It reminds me of Roger Whittaker, a british singer who sings kind of cheesy songs, that would be the major reason for me personally to not use it because he is really famous here. Aside from that, I don't really like that the name sounds so much like a last name.
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    Whitaker is fab! It's a chocolate company here (whittakers) but I still think it sounds classic. Nn Whit is usually heard around Whitney?

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