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  • Holiday Kate

    15 19.74%
  • Holiday Katherine

    9 11.84%
  • Holiday Elise

    26 34.21%
  • Holiday Elizabeth

    6 7.89%
  • Holiday Scarlett

    5 6.58%
  • Holiday Claire

    15 19.74%
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    Exclamation Oh dear - Miss Holiday has no middle name!

    So, I think Holiday is my second favorite name officially, behind Amaryllis. But I still can't manage to get a middle name in working order. I know I want something girly and "normal" for the middle. These are what I'm down to. I would love your thoughts on them.

    Holiday Kate: love the sound, but it worry Kate is too playful to serve its purpose of balancing out the whimsical first name. I adore the nickname Holly Kate though.

    Holiday Elise: I love the look and sound, and Elise balances Holiday well I think, but do you think Elise is too common as a middle name? I know two people with it as a mn.

    Holiday Katherine: I've considered this as a way to still use Holly Kate, but Katherine is more serious to balance out Holiday. Is it too mismatched though?

    Holiday Elizabeth: I don't like how long it is, and Elizabeth feels a little filler to me. I like the look though. What do you think?

    Holiday Claire: also feels a little filler, though I like the look. I'm not dazzled by it though.

    Holiday Scarlett: flows well but no cute Holly nickname. I do like it though.

    I would love other suggestions as well. Only requirements is it shouldn't start with an L, because I would like the middle to work with Holly. (For example I like Holiday Lila, but Holly Lila sounds weird). Oh, and I would ideally like something a different number of syllables, or at least a different rhythm. (I.e. I like Holiday Madeleine but they are rhythmically identical, which sounds awkward)

    Please vote and comment!

    Amaryllis * Holiday * Cordelia * Waverly * Seraphina * Calliope * Olympia * Zephyrine * Genevieve * Marguerite

    Phineas * Caspian * Orlando * Florian * Sullivan * Laszlo * Thaddeus * Virgil * Ozias * Ambrose

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    Elise too common? I picked it because it is the least common one on your list! Well, maybe Scarlett is the least common, but the combo is too wordy.
    Holiday Elise has a nicer flow than the others.

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    I really love Holiday Katherine, so I voted for that, but I also really like Holiday Scarlett and Holiday Elise. I like Holly Kate, but Holiday Kate doesn't sound nearly as nice to me :/

    How about;

    Holiday Charlotte
    Holiday Georgina
    Holiday Florence
    Holiday Sophia
    Holiday Eleanor
    Holiday Matilda
    Holiday Joanna (Holly Jo is so cute!)

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    I picked Holiday Elise... I love it, wouldn't say Elise is too common.

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    Holiday Kate: On paper, it looks nice. But phonetically, the A sounds conflict for me. (holi-DAY- KAY-te) So I say no to this one.

    Holiday Elise: I like this. Elise is becoming more used as a middle for a reason; It's feminine and sweet and you have such a unique first name choice that I think the simple Elise goes very well. I know a little girl named Channing Elise, and I think her name is precious.

    Holiday Katherine: I do think these names are a little too different.

    Holiday Elizabeth: This feels a little long to me, and for that reason I say no to this one.

    Holiday Claire: This is probably my second favorite, next to Elise.

    Holiday Scarlett: This one feels very Christmas-y to me. With the festive first name, and the red middle. Maybe you don't mind that, but it's something to think about.

    My suggestion is Holiday Olivia. One of my combo crushes is Hollis Olivia and I think the middle brings the same charm that Elise does. Holiday Bryn is cute too
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