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    Hazel: too "fault in our stars"?!

    We love the name Hazel. But now in concerned that it's going to be associated with a little girl with cancer? What do you think?

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    Not unless you name her Hazel Grace. I think you're fine naming her Hazel. Hazel has been used for many other characters, and many people associate Hazel with different things. I find Hazel charming, if anything, and if by chance someone does associate your Hazel with Hazel Grace Lancashire.... well, at least Hazel didn't die in the book.
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    No. The Fault in Our Stars is extremely popular now, but it may not be in years. And either way, Hazel was an established name before the book/movie. Unless you name her Hazel Grace, then she probably won't be associated with it. And if she is, it's not really a bad thing. Hazel Grace Lancaster isn't a negative character.
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    I haven't seen the movie and probably never for me, the name Hazel remains timeless, magical and has a lovely nature connotation too. It looks great and sounds great - so, whether a FN or MN, Hazel livens-up and beautifies any name combination.

    However, if the movie association is too strong for you, it might be best to leave it for a while & see if you still really love it ...IMHO, you should choose a name that makes you happy and feel positive about. It should also be a positive namesake -- well, in theory that's what I think...

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    Well, this was inevitable.

    No, it really isn't. The Fault in Our Stars wasn't that big of a hit, at least not that I'm aware. It will be a passing association at best.

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