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    The mermaid idea is great, I can imagine it looking beautiful. We have an owl theme, neutral walls with pale blue, blush pink, grey, and mint green accents. We wanted to keep it as gender ambiguous as possible so we wouldn't have to redecorate. Good luck!

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    I love all the themes that you have, my favourite is probably Alice in Wonderland and Pirates.
    My favourites are:
    Forest Theme - Owl, fox, trees ect. decor. Greens and browns.
    Astrology Theme - Plastic glow in the dark stars on the ceiling in constellations. Blues, golds and silvers.
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    I love the idea of the Alice in Wonderland theme! My sister had a 'garden / forest' themed nursery (lots of peaceful, earthy greens and browns, leaf and floral motif's, a tree shaped blackboard sticker on the wall, herb garden on the windowsill, paper flowers, floral bunting and floral garlands, watering cans for holding flowers, pencils, creams, etc, pots for holding similar items, a tiny toy mouse on the shelf, that was holding a wheelbarrow, chandelier strewn with silk ribbons, leaves, flowers, and a little birds nest with china eggs, etc.). I had a similar theme, but my ceiling was painted to look like clouds, which I adored. It was quite economical, from what I can remember, and it ages really well.

    For boys, a Pirate theme sounds nice. Alice in Wonderland sounds amazing though.
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    My first set of twins had a peacock themed room because that was the type of colours we had for our wedding, I wore a sari for my wedding because my husband is Indian and we draped that across the wall and it looked lovely. My sari was turquoise, blues and purples and it looked lovely against the gold walls. I decided at the last minute to make it peacock themed and found some a beautiful canvas with a peacock on it and then I found other paintings and pictures with peacocks and feathers and all that jazz. The girls are older now and still have the same decor and they love it, we bought them mosquito nets and then bought (fake) peacock feathers that I sowed onto them to go above their beds.

    And Leela had an enchanted forest (a la Midsummer Night's Dream), we painted the walls silver and then got stencils of trees that we painting in grey and then the leaves and flowers and animals in more bright colours. I really love it and Leela still loves it now and has the animals named. I also loved that we got to use lots of types of woods in her room because it added to the forest feel.

    These twins that are cooking right now have a ballet themed room with pale blue walls and canvases of ballet dancers around the room, along with a stencilled swan for Swan Lake. There's still some work to do to it and they won't be in that room till they are 5 or so months old so I've still got some time!

    I think that the mermaid idea sounds lovely as does the Alice in Wonderland one. I would love to do a Peter Pan themed room!

    I love the idea of Indian Jones, as nice as pirates is I feel like it could be a little overdone...

    Best if luck!
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    @daylight - I now know that I'm expecting a girl, and we've narrowed the nursery decor down to either mermaid theme or peacock theme. What color gold did you use on the walls in their room?

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