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    Nursery theme ideas...

    Okay, so to distract me from waiting until I find out the gender on the 12th, I have been thinking of nursery theme ideas.

    Mermaid theme - think corals and aqua colors. A pretty mermaid picture, seashells, seahorses, etc.
    Peacock theme - think the colors of a peacock feather for accessory choices, probably one pretty picture of a peacock, but the rest just using the colors.
    Alice in Wonderland - cream colored walls, neat looking clock, the Alice in Wonderland books, etc.

    Indiana Jones - tan colored walls, browns, greens and reds. Old maps on the walls.
    Pirates - haven't really gotten very far on what I think I would do with this theme.

    So berries which theme do you like, let me know your pick for boy and girl. Thanks in advance! And of course, ideas are always welcome and greatly appreciated.

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    I hope all the sites I posted work! I would probably go with pirates/mermaids because you could start getting stuff before knowing the gender and it would work for either. I also think it would be the easiest to find stuff for and pull off.

    Mermaid:I think this one would be the easiest to find stuff for since nautical is pretty popular. I've seen teal ombre walls that could look really good with a water theme.
    Adorable seahorse/starfish mobile in this nursery:
    Some cute rockers (pricey though):
    Light switch covers: and (other types of wall hooks too)
    Peacock: In my head it's a hard one to pull off, but if done right it would look gorgeous. I tried looking online for ones others have done and nothing really caught my attention. I did like the decor on the shelf on this site:
    Alice in Wonderland: Definitely a theme you could have some fun with! Giant-sized and pint-sized (within reason) things around the room, fun colors, etc.

    Pirates: You could use a lot of stuff from a mermaid type room for here too. I would probably just make it a little more boat/treasure oriented. (expensive, but good for inspiration)
    Indiana Jones: This could definitely be a fun theme.
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    I would go with an Alice in Wonderland theme for a girl and a Pirates theme for a boy.

    For the Pirate theme you go with probably the same colors as Indiana Jones and have a Jolly Roger and some treasure maps. Maybe even a treasure chest to use as a toy chest or something.

    For a boy nursery I've always liked the thought of a nautical theme and a princess theme for a girl (I know a princess theme is really typical though).
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    I think Mermaid theme for the girls would be perfect (so easy to find things & the artistic possibilities are endless)! Blues & Greens & Corals, flowy fabrics & artworks depicting fish, shells, coral...
    For dudes I like the idea of an explorer theme. You have more options then. Jungle stuff, caves, sailing, scuba diving, archaeology, space exploration... I'm envisioning maps & compasses, old books, binoculars & stars on the ceiling.
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    I love the idea of the Alice in Wonderland theme! And I've seen some amazing Dr Seuss themed nurseries which are great for both genders. Good luck!
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