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    Amelia and Daphne - cute sibset or too different?

    Daphne is another name I've been thinking a lot about lately. With our daughter Amelia, we picked a name that was very feminine yet strong (Amelia Earhart comes to mind). Daphne sounds somewhat harsh (especially compared to the names I'm usually attracted to e.g. Eliana, Miriam, Gabrielle, Arielle, Eloise, etc.), but I'm finding myself very intrigued by it. What are your thoughts about Daphne? What kind of child or woman do you picture?


    Edit: harsh was not quite the right word - I just find it less lilting or 'melodious' than Amelia. Not a bad thing, just different.
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    I really like Amelia and Daphne together! I think see a variety of girls/women being named Daphne. My first thought was of an intelligent, sweet little girl, for whatever that's worth.

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    I think they sound lovely together. To me they both sound strong but still very pretty!
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    Oh my goodness, Miriam would be perfect with Amelia.

    Exact-equivalent vintage charm with no-frills spunk.

    Daphne is no-frills spunk, as well; I really do love her.

    But, to me, Daphne doesn't say vintage like Amelia or Miriam.
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    I like Daphne very much. It doesn't really "match" Amelia, stylistically, but they still complement each other well enough. They sound refined and also quite British together, in my opinion. Daphne doesn't seem harsh to me, it seems quirky-but-elegant.

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