View Poll Results: What sound best with Mannix as a middle?

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  • Liam Mannix

    5 15.63%
  • Elliot Mannix

    6 18.75%
  • Aidan Mannix

    0 0%
  • Owen Mannix

    11 34.38%
  • Euan Mannix

    4 12.50%
  • William Mannix

    4 12.50%
  • Wilko/ Wilco Mannix

    2 6.25%
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    Which of these names sounds bets with this middle?

    So it's really i portent to me to have my family names incorporated into the names of my kids, and for a boy I really like Mannix- my mothers maiden name, as a middle. My husband and I are a little torn about how we feel about two middle names (four total) so I would like your thoughts on that as well! Our current list of contenders are:

    Liam Mannix
    Elliott Mannix
    Aidan Mannix
    Owen Mannix
    Euan Mannix
    William Mannix
    Wilco Mannix

    But some of our three name contenders are:

    Liam Alexander Mannix
    Alexander Declan Mannix
    Nicholas James Mannix

    Thoughts? Any similar 3 name combos? Are any of them absolute no gos?

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    I adore Mannix, by the way!
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    I love Liam but only as a nickname for William. On its own plus combined with the m in the middle name sounds a bit short or abrupt.
    Elliott got my vote. I like how it looks and sounds. Softer sounding names pair well with the middle name, balancing out the x. I like it

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    Elliot Mannix is my favorite with Liam Mannix my second choice. I also love Aiden Mannix and Owen Mannix. I like Euan Mannix. Great list.

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    I like these three names paired with Mannix.

    1 Elliot Mannix
    2 Owen Mannix
    3 Euan Mannix

    William and Liam don't flow well because they have back-to-back m's with Mannix. Aidan is overused in multiple spellings that it has sadly lost its Irish charm.

    My favourite three name combo is Alexander Declan Mannix (although I think Alexander James Mannix would be better).
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