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    Honoring a dated name

    I desperately want to use a variant of my mothers name, Cori, as a middle name for Willa. I'm okay with Cori, but I do find the name a bit dated. I have tossed around Cora and Corinne. I love the name Cora, but the flow is off when put behind Willa. Willa Cora? Yuck. Corinne is a viable option, but is a bit "soft" for my taste. Other names suggested to me have been Coraline, Coralie, Cordelia, and Cornelia. I want some new, creative ideas! Thanks, berries!

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    Willa Corinne is perfect!

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    It might be a stretch but Carly may work. My other suggestions are
    Theodore Arthur

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    Willa Coriana/Corianna (cory plus awna)

    Willa Coraliese

    Willa Corette/Coretta

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    Some different suggestions (a mix of style -- not really sure what you'd like best)

    Willa Concordia
    Willa Corbin
    Willa Cordette
    Willa Corisande
    Willa Corin
    Willa Corliss
    Willa Corsica
    Willa Socorra
    Willa Socorro
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