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    It always comes back to...


    First of all, I am officially PREGNANT with our first! So now I can actually discuss names. I am only 4 weeks in, so of course I don't know the sex of the baby yet. However, now hubby and I are really starting to talk about names. The only boy name we can agree on is Dexter. I've brought it up a lot on nameberry, but I have to ask again-what do you think?!
    Too serial killer or is it just plain cute?

    Thank you!

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    Serial Killer. Definitely serial killer. I've never seen the show Dexter, but I've heard enough about it for it to be the first thing I think of when I hear the name.
    Then again, people around here where I live seem to be really quite conservative with their naming, so it may just be me.
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    I've never seen the TV show, so I would say cute! Though it does remind me of the kids show Dexter's Laboratory..

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    I like Dexter and the nn Dex is great IMO.

    I have never heard of the show at all, granted my husband and I only watch movies as we do not have TV channels or any other thing like Netflix.

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    Serial killer, sorry.

    It's become one of those names that's almost been ruined by a TV show character. Even though it was a fairly normal name in its own right before, it now gets linked. I love the name Hannibal but for the same reason wouldn't use it now.

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