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    so I think this awesome, or to odd?

    I always wanted a floral based little girls name, but when I met my hubby with te last name Whitefield, he viteod them.

    Sneaking some back on my list I have fern and holly.
    I also have a crush on princess reference names and liked Aurora but a friend know called her baby that,

    Anyway tonight I watched snow white and thought Snow Whitefield? Nature and Princess, hubby viteod it.

    So I googled other names for snow and discovered firn, its icy snow that sets on the ground.

    So what do you think? Sound like fern, means snow?

    Firn Whitefield?

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    Since they sound the same, I would just stick with the more recognizable "Fern".

    Firn isn't bad, but it's less feminine to me since it isn't an obviously female name and it doesn't really strike me as a "nature name".

    Fern Whitefield is pretty though

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    I would assume your little girl's name would be spelled Fern. I think Fern Whitefield is a beautiful name.

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    I agree, Fern Whitefield is lovely and seems to fit more your naming ideas.
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    I agree with the previous posters, Fern Whitefield is lovely, I think it's much better than the Firn spelling.
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