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    First girl after three boys

    I currently have three boys aged 5, 2 and a half and 1 and am due my first baby girl in October. By boys are
    Tristan James
    Kaidan William
    Jaymie Stephen
    And I am thinking of aurora for my girl but can't decide between aurora Teresa Catherine or aurora Catherine Teresa (all middle names are family related and as this is my last child she's going to have to have the two names and I love them both anyway lol) xx

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    I think Aurora Catherine Theresa is better because a lot of times people with two middle names use the first more often and "Aurora Catherine" flows better. Having the two names ending in -a next to each other doesn't work as well. I absolutely love your choices!

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    Totally agree. Split up the a-endings. Aurora Catherine Theresa is beautiful.
    Mama to G.L.S.S. and B.F.R.S.

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    I agree! I'd split up the -a names. Aurora Catherine Theresa, for sure

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