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    I’ve spoken Tamil from birth, picked up Gujarati soon after, then learned English, began Hindi, and am learning Mandarin.

    I’m planning to learn Russian and German.

    My school offers German, Spanish, and French, signed up for all, won’t know which one (hopefully two, I don’t want to do PE again) I get until September.

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    This thread is perfect at the moment haha.

    I am a native Spanish speaker, fluent in English, and learning French. I want to learn Portuguese, Italian and Dutch.

    I'm actually writing a blog post about it and I was wondering, what has worked for you the most when learning a language? (watching TV, memorizing vocab)
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    I'm fluent in both English and French, and I also speak German to a relatively good standard, although I've forgotten a lot of it now (I'm part Austrian, but I haven't needed to use it in years). I can also speak conversational Welsh. I have strong family ties to Hungary, but that's the one language that has defeated me: the Hungarian members of my family always said it wasn't hard (as it's their first language), but it's difficult for a native English speaker to learn because its rules are completely different.

    I'm really making a conscious effort not to forget my French: as I live in the UK, I use it very little on a daily basis, so it would be so easy for it all to slip away, as my German did. I regularly use Duolingo, although it isn't great for the high-end grammatical skills; I read a lot of French books, and I've recently started watching French YouTube, too. I don't know if it will be enough, but I hope so. (As a side note, if anyone wants to practise French with me, feel free to reply on this chat or drop me a private message - I'd love to get some writing practice!)

    In the future, I'd also love to learn Dutch, Italian, and Old English (Anglo-Saxon).
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    I learnt French for around seven years at school, and now I'm continuing to learn on Duolingo. I'm not sure exactly what level I'm at, but I think I'd be able to hold a conversation about a few different topics. I'm hoping that eventually I'll be able to become fluent.

    I know a few basic things (hello, goodbye, 1-10 etc) in a few other languages too.

    I find it difficult to focus on more than one language at once (I tried learning Swedish alongside French, but gave it up to put all my effort into French) but there are a few languages I'd like to learn. I likely won't pursue them though.
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    English is my native language but I also speak fluent-ish French and intermediate German. I really need to work on my German, as I want to access a level where I will be able to have natural conversations without making many mistakes and read novels in the language without having to pause to figure out meanings or look up words.

    I can read Latin if I put a lot of effort into it, and I'm also a "false beginner" (i.e. have a few useful phrases, but no real conversational ability) in Spanish, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, and Welsh. I love the Celtic languages best of all and would love to pursue Welsh to an advanced level - that's definitely my long-term goal. I also mean to learn the Scandinavian languages.

    For me, the most important thing with a language is to be able to get my brain to think in it. To do that, I need to practice the four essential language skills: listen to the language, read the language, write in it and actually speak it. Finding opportunities to actually speak a language is hard if you don't live in the country and aren't attending lessons in a classroom, but I've found it worthwhile to invest in the occasional conversation lesson by video call for German.

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    English is my native tongue but I am quite fluent in German as well since I am of German lineage. I've done ASL for 11 years but haven't done it much since graduating highschool so I have been forgetting a few things. I do still know a lot of it though. I've tried courses for Spanish but it is ridiculously hard for me to get the hang of. I would love to learn Ukrainian since I am also Ukrainian but after attempting to read old notes that my grandparents had wrote in the language, I've sort of lost hope lol.
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    My first language is technically English, but I haven't been allowed to speak English in school since age 3 so my strongest language is actually Welsh. I learned a bit of French over the past 3 years (again, not by choice) and I'm learning Spanish now. I tried learning Greek and Italian but I can only remember a few words. I really want to learn Russian in the future, but who knows.
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    My native languages are English and Irish. I learned French at school and taught myself Spanish and Italian. I learned Gaelic (of the Scottish variety) from a television course and know some German (my father spoke it). I also know some Swedish through being a massive fan of the musician Tomas Ledin.
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    Do you guys think interest in names is linked to an interest in languages/etymology more generally? Might explain the multilingualism / otherwise generally high level language learning on Nameberry? Just spent a long time trawling through this thread and it's been hugely interesting to me so thanks whoever brought it up. I don't know if they're still on NB anymore but @jackal's posts about bilingualism are extremely poignant so I wanted to say thanks for that too! Anyway.

    I'm a native English speaker but have pretty good (although totally passive) French and intermediate (rapidly improving) Norwegian.

    Without a life story, I was in French speaking schools/environments a couple of disparate times as a child/teen, my mum is fluent as a second language speaker, etc. Especially as a teen I put in a lot of comprehension work just in order to keep up and I think that's for sure root of my passivity. I can watch a film/interview/lecture solely in French but there's a huge cognitive chunk missing when it comes to spoken expression (or even written, these days). My mum says I'm more like a French dictionary than language speaker haha. En vérité j'aime beaucoup le français mais j'ai aucune motivation pour continuer à apprendre maintenant. Et ... ca va franchement.

    Norwegian is far newer to me and I barely ''planned'' on learning it, it just became more and more interesting to me throughout my relationship w SO (a native speaker although raised bilingually w English). Only this year did I actually step up and put real effort in. Its been really great tbh and I notably improve pretty much every week, more so than I thought was possible after my experience with French. The biggest difference has been the ongoing motivation of SO and the confidence from having that support.. I spoke almost immediately and feel pretty confident expressing myself. Breadth of my vocab is the biggest problem right now which it never was with French, so that's both refreshing and frustrating but it'll come with time. In terms of speaking, it also helps that the structure of the language is more similar to English than French is, so if necessary I can directly translate and be mostly understood. ALSO Norwegians are famously good English speakers and often just use chunks of English if there isn't a suitable Norwegian phrase, so that makes me feel pretty chill about doing the same even when I'm in Norway / around second language speakers. SO has (very affectionately lol) told me that I sound like a 3 year old. It's kinda funny, but truly I take it as a compliment since I've only really been actively working on it for a matter of months.

    Også til slutt - hvis det finnes noe Nordmenn her (eller noe som snakker Norsk uansett), vil jeg gjerne <<snakke>> med dere .. det ville være så nyttig for meg (jeg kan bare håpe at jeg er ikke som en tre åring mens jeg skriver!). Tuuuuusen takk!

    ADDITIONAL THOUGHT - Quick question to anyone with reasonably high levels of more than one language: do you ever jumble them to the point where it inhibits conversation (not just code switching I mean). Countless times I've accidentally used French words while speaking Norwegian. I guess it comes from having all this dormant French info stored in the same ''second language'' part of my brain.. SO will just be like ''what is a couvercle'' and we laugh but I'd be mortified if it happened in front of anyone else lol, then I'd have to stumble over explaining why I just said a foreign word that wasn't English haha. I assume keeping them apart is just like a muscle I need to strengthen but it's very annoying. If anyone has tips / experiences I'd love to hear them. Especially interested if its more than one second language since I imagine long term bilingualism is a bit different, but I'd of course like to hear regardless.
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