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    What is Zoã©? I found it on the German list...

    I found the name Zoã© in the top 100 names in Germany. I can't see what information they have for the name on Nameberry (I tried what would be the direct link to the name with the ã capitalized like they do in URL, but that didn't work... None of it did) and it's never been mentioned in the forums or on lists. I even googled the name and it didn't come up either. Does anyone know what the deal is with Zoã©? It's not that I'd ever use it, but I've very curious to know why the copyright must follow and just about the name is in general.

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    Where exactly did you copy the name from? Naturally "©" can't be part of a name. It must be a brand, or a screen name.

    ETA: I found the link. It's obviously a typo for Zoé or Zoë by someone who doesn't have accents on their keyboard.
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    Thank you! That's weird, though, because it is #36 on this: The legit list put out by Nameberry. It also has it on as a name if you search it. I dunno, oh well! Thanks.

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