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    Is he always going to be Toby?

    So we really like the name Tobin - but I HATE the name Toby (no offence to anyone who likes Toby). Would he always be nicknamed Toby unless we constantly enforced Tobin? Is it worth the risk/chance that he will go by Toby?

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    To be honest, I would say the chances are high that he is gonna be called Toby sooner or later. You don't really have control over what kids call each other in school, ...
    I saw some of our friends have the same problems. They tried really hard to emphasize that he will be called by his full name but after his first years in school everybody but his parents ended up calling him by a not so nice-sounding nn instead of his full name.
    Btw. I love both Tobin and Toby
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    My son, a teenager, has never gone by a nickname. Actually my nephews and nieces, most of my son's friends and family friends, and a high percent of neighborhood children all go by their full names. I only know of once that a teacher tried calling one of my friend's children a nickname (it did not happen until he was a teen), he informed her that was not his name, she apologized and they moved on. I see no worries about it. Tobin is such a handsome name.

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    For this same reason we decided we couldnt name a baby Genevieve, because I hate the nn Gen and its just not worth taking the risk imo!!

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    Tobin and Toby are the same length, so I don't think Toby is completely unavoidable. If your son decides he likes Toby, well, there's not much you can do about it.

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