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    Round 5: Name the Babies

    Aaron Charles and Zoe Madeline are thrilled to be expecting a third son. Zoe wants his first name to start with a vowel and not have a nickname. Aaron would like for his middle name to have the letters A & E in it.

    DD: Esme Delilah (kate_elaine)
    DS: Abel James (sofiacapricorn87)
    DS: Eli Michael (savbav)
    DD/DD: Olive Amelia & Ivy Adelaide (bb)

    William Rhys and Nora Maeve have a little boy and a little girl on the way. Will wants his son's first name to be four letters long and his daughter's first name to be seven letters long, both names should be traditional. Nora would like for Their middle names to be Irish but easy to pronounce and spell.

    DD: Emma Colleen (katiedawn121)
    DD: Abigail Rowan (naominy)
    DS: Luke Finnegan (123names)
    DS: Matthew Aidan (sofiacapricorn87)

    Shane Cooper and Kinsey Sophia are excited to be having their sixth child, a boy. Kinsey would like the baby's first name to be trendy and atleast 5 letters long. Shane wants his son's middle names to start with K.

    DS: Weston Kyle (bb)
    DD/DD: Ava Claire & Aria Camille (sofiacapricorn87)
    DD: Savannah Christine (emitheduckling)
    DS: Levi Keegan (redvelvet)

    Emmett Levi and Serena Violet are happy to be expecting their third daughter. They would like for her first name to end with the letter T and for her middle name to end with the letter E or R.

    DD/DS: Juliet Madeline & Matthew Bennett (bookworm26)
    DS: James West (emitheduckling)
    DD: Bridget Ruby (aimzright4)
    DS: Nathaniel Jet (lizzycsa)

    James Sawyer and Elodie Elizabeth couldn't be happier to be having a third daughter. They have agreed that they want her first and middle names to start with the same letter. The couple would also like for her middle name to have a Y in it.

    DS: Roman Riley (redvelvet)
    DS: Hank Hayden (emitheduckling)
    DD/DS: Jessica Jordyn & Jasper Jayden (redvelvet)
    DD: Tessa Taylor (julyhare)

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