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    Does it bother you?

    When people on these threads say negative comments about a name that's actually the name of your child? Tell me I'm not alone. It's just hard not to take it personal sometimes.

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    I don't really take it personally because I do not like a lot of the popular names on here. But, I think people should be more tactful when they give an opinion on a name. Taste in names varies from person to person, just because a name is not one you would choose...doesn't make that person the worst parent on earth for choosing a particular name.

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    I don't have any kids, but I think it'd bother me incredibly. I come here for advice to try and pick the best name possible, and yeah, I want to hear if something's going to be a nightmare. But if I've already named the kid and it belongs to one perfect little baby/child, I don't want to hear that criticism anymore. I already strongly dislike hearing criticism over Isabelle, and it's just a name I've loved for eons.

    I try very hard not to talk down about somebody's child's name if I know it's their child's name--"I have two girls, Isabelle and Molly, and need a name for a third. I'm thinking about Lucille, Gemma, and Susanna, wdyt?" Even though I strongly dislike Molly, what point in there is mentioning it? It's not a bad name. And the choice is already made. No need to cause frustration or doubt or aggravation (or anger!). That being said, if you have a daughter named Delilah, and I talk about how strongly I dislike Delilah--and how much it offends me, religiously--and I'm just stating it in general, and without knowing that you have a daughter named Delilah, I'm not sure how much that can be helped. I feel like if someone wants opinions on a name, I'll give it, and I'll try and be kind and tactful, and if it's not a bad name, I'll try to minimize my criticism so it won't try and detract the poster from using a name they love but I hate--but if I unintentionally say something negative about your child's name, it's not done on purpose. It's not done with malice. There are some pretty good chances that there's at least one mom or dad reading the threads that has a child with a name that at least one person has bashed/criticized on this site. In that situation, though, I feel like you should take it with a grain of salt, because there's not much you can do about that type of situation, honestly.

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    I think Ashley made some very good points, but I agree that if someday I had kids and read negative comments on their names, I would be a little bummed. though I wouldn't pin it on the posters, assuming they aren't intentionally offending me. (And assuming they are being fairly tactful.) I would just frown a little if someone called Amaryllis a stripper name or something.

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    You’re not alone.

    I was browsing a thread on here about “bad names” (I don’t remember what it was actually called.), and ALL my kids names were mentioned(and ripped apart) at least once. The two biggies being Bentley(NOT named after a car. It happens to be an old family name.) & Anastasia.(Named after my hubby’s deceased mother, NOT a book character or doomed Princess.) What really bothers me most is when a name gets labeled something negative and then everyone feeling the need to criticize without bothering to learn why that name was chosen.

    I try not to take it personal but when its your already here child(ren), it can be a little difficult.
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