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    Exclamation HELP! Due tomorrow & need unique name!

    So, I am due tomorrow and need a unique name for this baby. For the first time, we are not sure if this little one will be a boy or a girl. Siblings are Avonelle, Viviette, (sisters), and Bixby (brother).

    We like names that are totally unusual, but also interesting, strong, sophisticated, and not too off the wall. However, having exhausted most of our top choices, we are stuck! Let me know what you think of these names (what first comes to mind), but please, feel free to suggest others as well.

    Delphine OR

    Fielding OR

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    I love Delphine and Jupiter, both are on my list. With Delphine, it is a strong but gentle name, and in feels 'green' if that makes any sense. Cool breezes and nature, that sort of thing. I also think of delphinium's, elegant dolphin's and Delphi, the beautiful Greek town that was the home of many oracles in Greek myth. Delphi is a great nn if you intend on using one.

    Jupiter feels orange, fiery, passionate. Another strong name. I think of Jupiter of Roman mythology (the god king of lightning, Roman equivalent of Zeus), and of course, the planet.

    Either would be great choices. Your other choices are lovely too, but these are my personal favourites.


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    Boys: Zeus, Apollo, Vrai, Ivo, Viggo, Van, Mercury, Amadeus, Wolfgang, Forest, Dune, Frost, Garnet, Onyx, Otto, Fisher, Farmer, Gardener, Finch, Fable, Story, Novel, Ulysses, Dove, Cello, Lars, Ariel, Azriel, Seraphim, Bram, Booker, Boone, Fox, Pike, Bear.
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    Delphine goes well with Viviette. It isn't all that unusual anymore. Well, maybe to some people...
    Fielding is lovely. Go with that! Bixby is awesome btw. Where did you hear it? It is the name of a fave childhood character of mine.
    I will only suggest some girl's names.
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    Delphine and Fielding for sure!

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    Delphine for sure! One of my favorite names.
    Fielding for a boy.
    Not expecting...yet! Just love names!
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