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    Quote Originally Posted by bellerose View Post
    Hello all.

    My list so far is :


    I would love your opinions on the list.

    Thank you.
    Balthazar: nms. I don't like B names in general and the first syllable just feels weird to me. "Balth." Feels medieval, reminds me of both "bald" and "scathe."

    Aleksander: love this name with this spelling. So handsome.

    Wolfgang: Feels exaggeratedly German outside of Germany if that makes sense. Can't get past the literal meanings of each syllable. Wolfie is a cute nn- for a pet.

    Augustus: The meaning of "august" plus the flow of the name make it feel very grounded. Personally prefer Augusten or Augustine to the -us repetition of Augustus.

    Amadeus: handsome. I'm not loving the -us endings though. Too Latin and archaic, so they feel a bit stuffy. Amais is much more my style. Also, are you a big Mozart lover? I can't help but also think of the song "Rock Me Amadeus."

    Sebastian- I have always liked this name but worried that it was limited to a meek type of boy. Then I met a Sebastian who is a grungy teenaged skater who goes by "Seabass"- funny, but totally fitting and endearing.

    Edward: perfectly fine but pales next to your other choices.

    Devereaux: I don't like the ending -eaux when said aloud, and it feels a tad contrived. Also can't help but think of the character Blanche Devereaux from "Golden Girls."

    Lucian: Love. Lucien is even better.
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    Balthazar - I love this name a lot. I actually think a little kid named Balthazar is perfectly cute. NN Zar
    Aleksander - I like it. Alexander is one of my favs & I like this spelling too
    Wolfgang - I don't love this. Wolf + gang causes anxiety in my brain. And Wolfgang Amadeus was plagued by financial, alcoholic, mental illness, and health problems, so that comes to mind. Sorry!
    Augustus - nms
    Amadeus - see Wolfgang
    Sebastian - love this name. It's consistent near the top of my boy list. NN Bastian or Bas
    Edward - this is a nice name
    Deveraux - I used to love this name. I still like it. I discovered it when I was 10 in one of the Harlequin Romance novels my mom hid in her closet.
    Lucian - Love this name. For me it is a rather gothic name but I like that.
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    Alecksander- I prefer the spelling Alexander, but I like how Alec(k) (which I love) is more prominent with this spelling and pronunciation
    Augustus- I prefer August, but this is such a handsome name
    Sebastian- a strong, masculine name
    Edward- I prefer Edmund, but Edward is very nice
    Lucian- nice name. I like the nn Luc (as in Luke)
    Amadeus- I like how unusual this name is and it flows well

    Balthazar, Deveraux and Wolfgang are just nms.
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    That place by that area by that thing
    Balthazar- I LOVE this. No reason, just do.
    Aleksander- I like Alexander because I'm more used to it, but this spelling is pretty cool.
    Wolfgang- Really, really like this-even though I'm not a fan of Mozart.
    Augustus- Powerful. The TFIOS character kinda ruined it for me, but I still really like it.
    Amadeus- I prefer the feminine version of Amadea, but I still like it's sound.
    Sebastian- One of my favorites. A bit sad that its been stereotyped as an old butler.
    Edward- Never really liked this, and the Twilight character doesn't help.
    Deveraux- Very handsome. I can't decide between Devereux and Deveraux....but both are rather attractive.
    Lucian- I like this, but I'm a huge Pokémon fan and it reminds me of a character. But still a favorite.

    Out of all, I would say Wolfgang or Balthazar would be my favorite, with Sebastian following close behind. Good list!

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