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    Lost the Baby Shower "Gift List"- now what??

    Hi everyone! I am expecting my first in just a few weeks, and just had my baby shower a few weeks ago. In the process of cleaning up the room, my sister misplaced (lost) the list of who got us what.

    If you received a card that said "Thank you so much for coming to our baby shower! It was wonderful to get to see you. Also, thank you for the generous and thoughtful gifts- please know we will put them to good use!" would you know that the person had no idea what you got them??? This is so frustrating!

    PS I would say "gifts" on every card because everyone who came sent a book instead of a card as well as at least one gift
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    I am a very honest and upfront person, so I would probably be honest on the thank you card. I also like to joke around a lot, so if we could have a good laugh about it, even better. Blame it on mommy brain, don't beat yourself up, and move on. I think what you have typed there is good enough! You have so many other things to think about in the next few weeks, and dwelling on this won't be worth it!
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    I think it would be totally fine to send such a card. If you handwrote it, I would never think twice. I have been to so many showers where the new mom either did not send a thank you at all OR sent a obviously generic print out that I would just be pleased to get a thank you at all.

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    I think it's fine. To be honest, I find it a bit weird to write the whole, "Thank you for X, which we will use...." cards. I remember that from our wedding thank you notes. "Thank you for the cutlery, which we will use when we eat meals." Because what the heck else would we do with forks and knives? The fact that you took the time to say thank you for coming and for giving a gift is what is important.
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    Personally, I'd email all the attendees, thank them so much for coming, and tell them you misplaced the gift list - blame it on pregnancy brain. Say that while you really appreciate everything, you don't remember exactly what each person brought, so would everyone be so kind to remind you so that you'll know for thank-you notes, and forever.
    Then you can write brief thank-you notes and be more specific. People will also get a good laugh and a breath of fresh, upfront honesty.

    That's what I'd do.

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