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Thread: Rory Angela

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    Rory Angela

    We are due in Novemeber and are having a little girl. We are naming her Rory Angela. I just wanted some opinions. We like Lorelei as well however, we will only call her Rory and that is why we decided to just name her Rory.

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    I love Rory! It's a great spunky name. I personally prefer it as a nickname but it's still great nonetheless

    Rory Angela is a great combo!
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    Personally, I think Rory on its own sounds more like a boys' name. I've heard it on girls, but typically as a nickname. Angela is fine, if a bit dated; I'm assuming it's a family name. Otherwise, I prefer Angeline or Angelina. I think Lorelei is gorgeous; though I do see your point in calling her the name you're most likely going to use for her, I always tend to recommend giving a, well, "regular" name to fall back on.
    Nonetheless, congratulations on little girl, and all the best.
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    Either way Rory Angela or Lorelei Angela (Rory ) is lovely

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    yes Angela is a family name. My younger sister passed away this Valentines day after being in a car accident on feb 7th. Angela is absolutely the middle name.

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