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    I love the name Bonnie. It's a very sweet name. I love your other name options too but Bonnie is definitely my favorite.

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    Love it! I am a massive Bonnie fan as well, it sounds perfect with Rogers.
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    I love the name Bonnie! It will be my daughters middle name (due Nov) and it was my great granma's name. It sounds sweet and although an old name it somehow sounds modern to me as well, sitting right up there with all those popular pretty little girls' names. Definitely a winner :-)

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    Bonnie Rogers sounds like a movie character from the 40's or 50's! I like it, it's lively and a bit cheeky.
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    Bonnie Rogers is an awesome name. Bonnie was my grandma's name, and it is the name my hubby and I plan to use if we are ever blessed with a girl. I like the energy and the fact that it is not a super common name. Good luck! :-)

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